Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Clarity Stamps - Tina's Flower Doodles - Hochanda June 13 2018

Clarity Stamps
Tina's Flower Doodles
Hochanda - June 13 2018 
Maria Moorhouse

Hello - to you as a visitor and to another fab Clarity product - wonderful fine line stamps designed by Tina Cox. Below are my examples using these stamps and you will see different techniques displaying them - plain, glazed, coloured and fussy cut. To date I do not have a signature technique or indeed format hence my attempt to treat each new set of stamps and stencils as they suggest to me at first sighting. A variety of notebooks are always within my grasp, although often the sketches are forgotten. Enjoy!

Clarity products used:-
·         Stamps:-
       Tina’s Doodle Flowers – STA-FL-10620-A4;
       Base Circle and Friends - CLA-FL-20051-A4
A Million Thank Yous – STA-WO-10044-A5
Happy Birthday Sentiments-STA-WO-10557-A5
·         Clarity Fresh Cut Dies:-
Nested Squares – ACC-DI-30603-66
·         Ink Pads:-
       Archival Black- INK-AR-50030-XX
       Archival Coffee
·         Card/Paper:-
Stencil – ACC-CA-30095-77
·         Designer Paper/Parchment/Card:-
Rainbow River – ACC-CA-30550-88
Shenandoah – ACC-CA-30549-88
New England Fall - ACC-CA-30441-88
Groovi Parchment remnants
·         Miscellany:-
        Pergamano Glitter – Hint of Gold, Hint of Green, Hint of Blue, Hint of Pink – PER-AC-70252-XX
·         Extras:- Gems, Twine, Beads

Example 1

·         Tina’s Flower Doodles stamps; Base Circle and Friends stamps
·         New England Fall Paper
·         Archival Coffee Ink Pad
1.       On paler side of chosen New England Fall paper, stamp circle using Archival Coffee. Continue stamping with Archival Coffee and a trio of leaves stamp to form a wreath.
2.       Stamp an ‘off the page’ border using largest ‘stem.’ Trim. Layer onto paper and card. Add to card blank.
3.       Stamp outline flowers onto paper remnants but on the vibrant side; cut out. Repeat with single leaves. Attach to wreath and corners.
4.       Decorate with gems.
5.       Stamp dragonfly as before, trim and add to suit.

Example 2

·         Tina’s Flower Doodles; A Million Thank Yous
·         New England Fall Paper
·         Archival Coffee Ink Pad; Artistry Fancy Fuchsia, Rich Mocha, Golden Turmeric
·         Theuva Cardstock
·         Shrink Plastic
·         Black Card blank
·         Clear detail Embossing Powder
*During the ongoing clear up of my workroom I have uncovered a number of punches I brought from the USA ten years ago, two of which have been used in two examples.
1.       Stamp a variety of images from Tina’s Flower Doodles around a rectangle of Theuva card using Archival Coffee. Trim.
2.        Stamp chosen leaves on New England Fall paper with same ink. Blend Fancy Fuchsia lightly around perimeter. Attach to rectangle of Theuva card which has had a light blending of Fancy Fuchsia over the edges. Edge with black pen. Attach to rectangle from 1).
3.       Stamp large flower heads once each onto the Theuva card, punch out with circle punch then blend over Golden Turmeric and Fancy Fuchsia. Highlight areas with white pen.
4.       Coat each circle with Versamark, add Clear Detail then heat set. Whilst still hot, add more Clear Detail and heat set. Repeat. (I gave this four coats.)
5.       Punch out four larger circles from same New England Fall sheet, blend over Fancy Fuchsia then add Rich Mocha to tone down. Add glazed circles centrally.
6.       Glue circles and glazed circles in place.
7.       Stamp dragonflies onto parchment scraps, add glitter and attach. Stamp dragonflies onto shrink plastic, colour, heat-shrink and add to card.
8.       Stamp chosen sentiment to foot of card.

Example 3

·         Tina’s Flower Doodles stamps, Happy Birthday Sentiments STA-WO-10557-A5
·         Linen Card
·         Kraft Card
·         Designer Paper – Shenandoah
·         Archival Coffee
1.       Cut A4 linen card to A6 size.
1.       Stamp selection of Tina’s Flower Doodles around mid-point of card. Stamp centres to suit.
2.       Colour using fine pens – I used pale grey and grey brown Pitt Pens from my stash.
3.       Add stems. Add leaves.
4.       Attach to Shenandoah paper, then distress edges by gently tearing. Ink distressed edges.
5.       Attach to layers of Kraft, linen card and finally Designer paper before attaching to card blank.
6.       Stamp sentiment to scrap kraft card, embellish. Attach.

Example 4

·         Tina’s Flower Doodles
·         Archival Black
·         Theuva Card
·         Black Card
·         Designer Parchment- Rainbow River
·         Smooth Black Paper (Unknown source-bought in Kuwait!)
·         Colouring Pencils
·         Gems
1.       Trim Shenandoah parchment and attach to black card; layer onto stencil followed by black and finally onto card blank.
2.       Stamp each large flower three times, similarly with decorative circle so there are nine different images.
3.       Colour each with chosen colours (I used three.)
4.        Cut with second smallest Fresh Cuts Nested Squares. Add to punched, scalloped black squares. Attach stamped and coloured images onto scalloped black squares.
5.       Glue into place on parchment square.

6.       Add gems. 

Many thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. Happy stamping!

Best wishes,

'The Making Lady'

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Clarity Stamps - June 3rd 2018

Clarity Stamps - Floral Overlay
Barbara Gray - Hochanda - June 3rd 2018

Hi and thank you for taking time to read this. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon but it really has been 'Flaming June' here on the north east coast of Scotland. I cannot recall the last time I have gone 'sleeveless' on a beach walk here on six consecutive days - well, apart from Far East and Middle East that is; and then there was the very hot summer of '89 when we went from scorchers in Bath from May until we left in September to experience even higher temperatures in Oman. Not complaining - I hope this weather continues ad infinitum! No rain, no garden weeds to deal with.

The new stamps on show from today open up a wealth of exploration with inks and my work has taken a grungy turn. Rather like the effect of Artistry inks on stencil card; definitely worth more exploration.

Have fun!

Triple Overlay Rounds
Mini Word Chains- 1&2 STA-WO-10570-XX; 11&12 STA-WO-10575-XX; 5&6 STA-WO-10572-XX;
·         Ink Pads:-
Archival Black – INK-AR-50030-XX
Artistry Inks:-
Amazon Trail-INK-AT-50232-XX
Rosy Cheeks-INK-AT-50272-XX
 Fancy Fuchsia-INK-AT-50250-XX
Dry Weed-INK-AT-50246-XX
Golden Turmeric-INK-AT-50252
Moon Crater-INK-AT50263-XX
Midnight Blue-INK-AT-50262-XX
Lime Kiss-INK-AT-50258-XX
Blushing Rose-INK-AR-50239-XX
Orange Popsicle-INK-AT-50268-XX
Rich Mocha-INK-AT-5027--XX
Old Parchment-INK-AT-50267-XX
Hay Stack-INK-AT-50255-XX
Green Garland-INK-AT-50253-XX
Fine Wine-INK-AT-50251-XX
Ocean Roof-INK-AT-50266-XX
Tenacious Teal-INK-AT-50275-XX
·         Card/Paper:- Stencil-ACC-CA-30095-77, Theuva-ACC-CA-30371-A5, Designer Paper Sweet Dreams-ACC-CA-30442-88, Designer Paper Shenandoah-ACC-CA-30541-88
·         Pergamano Blender Pen and Nibs-PER-AC-70303-XX
·         Clarity Dies:- Fresh Cuts – ACC-DI-30598-44
·         Clarity Canvas- ACC-CB-30128-A4

 Example 1

·          Stamps:- Triple Overlay Rounds
·         Ink Pads:-
Archival Black; Artistry Inks – Golden Turmeric, Rosy Cheeks, Fancy Fuchsia, Amazon Trail, Dry Sage
·         Card/Paper:-
Stencil, Theuva, Designer Paper -
1.       Using Archival black, stamp chosen outline onto stencil card. Stamp background using Rosy Cheeks followed by Fancy Fuchsia.
2.       Partially ink Infill stamp with Dry Sage.  Dab Golden Turmeric onto glass/craft mat and pick up colour with blender pen to colour stems. Add detail to flowers in the same way, changing nib when changing ink colour.
3.       Using –die, cut two images from stencil card and trim out some areas to colour. Colour berry areas with a mix of Fancy Fuchsia and Rosy Cheeks. Colour leaves with a mix of Amazon Trail and Dry Sage. Spritz al with water and blot.
4.       Add glaze to berries.
To assemble:-
5.       Cut circle from Theuva, place glue die-cut pieces around and attach stamped image centrally. Attach circle to trimmed Designer paper, Theuva and finally onto card blank.

Example 2

·         Stamps:- Triple overlay Rounds, Mini Wordchains
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black, Artistry – Midnight Blue, Moon Crater, Amazon Trail
·         Card/Paper:- Theuva, textured blue (from stash)
1.       Stamp chosen outline using Archival Black. Stamp background using Moonstone. Ink in-fill stamp with Amazon Trail and Midnight Blue. Trim. Repeat for second image and cut image out; set this aside.
2.       Create card blank from Theuva. Cut half circle into blue card using a circular die, score at each side and fold so the semi-circle stands proud. Attach over folded white card.
3.       Glue circular image onto blue card. Stamp sentiment and add.
4.       Decorate with cut image and twine.

Example 3

·         Triple Round Overlays
·         Ink pads:- Archival Black, Artistry Inks – Blushing Rose, Lime Kiss, Fancy Fuchsia, Orange Popsicle, Midnight Blue, Amazon Trail
·         Card/Paper:- Theuva, Kraft
1.       Using Archival Black, stamp chosen outline image at extreme right-hand side of Theuva card. Ink background stamp with Blushing Rose and over-stamp image. Ink in-fill stamp with Midnight Blue and stamp onto image.  Ink leafy parts only with Amazon Trail and over-stamp blue image. Allow to dry.
2.       Apply mask to first image and repeat 1) using (in order) Archival Black, Blushing Rose, Orange Popsicle and Amazon Trail.
3.       Repeat with Archival Black, Blushing Rose, Fancy Fuchsia and Amazon Trail.
4.       And finally with Archival Black, Blushing Rose, Lime Kiss and Amazon Trail. Trim.
5.       Create card blank using Kraft card. Add stamped rectangle.
6.       Embellish with twine.

Example 4

·         Triple Round Overlay stamps, Overlay fine circle, Mini Word Chain
·         Matching stencil
·         Ink Pads:- Hay Stack, Old Parchment, Orange Popsicle, Fine Wine, Rich Mocha
·         Card/Paper:- Stencil, Kraft
1.       Cut stencil card to measure 5ins x 5ins.
2.       Dab and brayer Hay Stack ink onto small round Gel Press then remove some ink with screwed up rice paper. Invert over cut card and repeat until surface is covered with ink patterns.
3.       Place matching mini-stencil centrally over inked card and blend through Old Parchment. Stamp a number of off-centre circle frames around with a variety of inks.
4.       Stamp sentiment in centre.
5.       Ink in-fill stamp with Orange Popsicle and stamp image in each corner – re-inking between stampings.
6.       Over-stamp images but slightly off-set with Fine Wine. Repeat with Old Parchment.
7.       Stamp leaf only using Rich Mocha followed by Old Parchment.
8.       Layer onto kraft card and card blank. Embellish.

Example 5

·         Triple Overlay Rounds
·         Ink Pads:- Midnight Blue
·         Card/Paper:- Stencil, Sweet Dreams Designer Paper, Card Blank – 8ins x 8ins (trimmed)
1.       Cut stencil card to measure 5ins x 5ins.
2.       Ink background stamp with Midnight Blue and apply centrally to card.
3.       Stamp in-fill stamp using same inkpad at each corner of square. Select area of stamp to be repeated, ink with Midnight Blue and stamp between corner stamps. 
4.       Layer onto white, Sweet Dreams paper, white followed by card blank.

Example 6

·         Triple overlay Rounds, Mini Word Chains
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black, Midnight Blue, Green Garland
·         Card/Paper:- A4 White x 3, Acetate,
1.       Create card blank by folding A4 white in half and die cut into a circular card blank. With smaller die cut out centre (and reserve) from top sheet of card blank. Score half way to create easel.
2.       Cut three single circles and cut out centre as before. Glue acetate to reverse of one single circle, score in half and add to the half circle.
3.       Add frames to front and back.
4.       Stamp image with chosen stamps and colours. Trim and add to centre.
5.       Stamp around reserved circle, edge with black marker and add to centre of card base.
6.       Stamp sentiment with Archival Black and embellish.

Example 7

·         Triple Overlay Rounds, Mini Word Chains
·         Stencil -
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black, Artistry – Fancy Fuchsias, Ocean Reef, Tenacious Teal, Orange Popsicle, Golden Turmeric, Amazon Trail, Ocean Reef, Versamark
·         Embossing Powder:- Silver Pearl, Detail Clear
·         Card/Paper:- Theuva, Black glitter
·         Canvas:- A4
·         Misc:- Sparkle pen, hessian strands, chalk paint, grey-board heart
For the background
1.       Blend chosen colours onto Theuva card. Tape stencil onto coloured card and sponge on white paint. Before it fully dries, spritz with water. Dab with tissue. Stamp words inside circles and heat emboss. Layer onto black glitter card and trim.
2.       Blend colours over heart. Stamp in-fill stamp using Versamark, add Silver Pearl embossing powder and heat set.
3.       Stamp outline using Archival Black onto Theuva, stamp background followed by in-fill. Glue onto heart.
4.       Apply Versamark over entire heart, add clear detail and heat set.
5.       Attach to background using Clarity double-side sticky sheet.
6.       Trim with hessian strands and attach to canvas.

Hope to see you again soon. 
Best wishes and happy stamping!
'The Making Lady'