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3" x 3" Envelope (Clarity Stamps 12" x 12" Designer Papers)

Clarity Stamps 12” x 12” Papers
Origami Envelope
An origami envelope, made without glue. I found this in one of my books and used it as the topper for last year’s Advent Calendar boxes. Unfortunately, I cannot find the source, necessitating in taking one of the originals to bits to remind myself how it was done. You would think that making twenty four, would have cemented the process well and truly into my brain!

Measurements of starting point for envelopes are four parts to one.
i.e. 1 inch x 4inches = 1 inch envelope
      2 inches by 8 inches = 2 inch envelope
      3 inches by 12 inches = 3 inch envelope

3” x 3” Envelope
(constructed from 3” x 12” strip)

*With a small sliver taken off each side, square Three Way Overlay stamps will fit.
Step 1
Photograph A

1.       Cut strip measuring 12 inches x 3 inches from chosen 12” x 12” Clarity Designer Paper.
2.       Fold in half. Burnish with bone folder for a crisp fold. Open up.
3.       Fold left side in towards centre, stopping just short of centre fold. Burnish as before.
4.       Repeat with right hand side. Paper should look as in Photograph A.
N.B. I found that folding the paper instead of scoring gave a more accurate result.

Step 2
Photograph B

1.       Fold top right corner of extreme right-hand square down to *almost* bottom left corner of same square and score as shown. Burnish.
2.       Fold top left corner of second square from left to *almost* meet bottom right corner of same square as in Photograph B.
N.B. *Almost* allows a tiny bit of wiggle room.

Step 3
Photograph C

1.       Fold left hand bottom square upwards, over the triangle. Burnish flat.

Step 4
Photograph D
1.       Fold left hand square over central square to expose triangle fold.
2.       Tuck point of triangle at right side behind existing triangle to complete envelope shown below in Photograph E.
Photograph E

Hope these instructions make sense and that the photos help. Once you get into the rhythm, you will be making these with abandon!

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Clarity Leafy Swirls

Clarity Stamps Leafy Swirl – Stamp, Stencil, Die, Butterfly.

 At last! The blog as promised from a couple of weeks ago. February - busy at the beginning and showing no let up until well into April. Ah! What fun!

Materials and Order Codes for Clarity products:-

·         Leafy Swirl
·         Nested Squares – ACC-DI-30603-66
·         Floral Frames Collection – ACC-DI-30745-44
·         Picot Circles – ACC-CA-30680-66

·         Stencil – ACC-CA-30361-81
·         Matte Black – ACC-CA-30379-A4
·         Pearlescent Beige – Light and Dark; white (Stash)
·         Mirror - Silver, turquoise, Gold, Rose Gold Matte (Stash)

·         Leafy Swirl – STE-TR-00006-77

·         Leafy Swirl – STA-FL-10554-A5
·         Word Chain 06 – STA-WO-10053-XX

Ink Pads
·         Radiance Black – INK-AT-50279-XX
·         Artistry Mini Sets – Golden Turmeric – INK-AT-50225-XX ,Haystack – INK-AT-50226-XX

·         White – 6” x 6” – ACC-CB-30122-06
·         Natural – 8” x 8” (Stash – from Kuwait!)

·         Paper Flowers – Bluebell – ACC-EM-30453-XX
·         Double Sided Sticky Sheets – ACC-AD-30108-A6
·         Perga Glitter – PER-AC-70252-XX
·         Foam Squares – Pale Blue, Turquoise  (thin)
Example 1

·         Leafy Swirl
·         Matte Black
·         Pearlescent:-  Fawn – Light and Dark, white
·         Patterned Paper
·         Rust
·         Mirror – Silver, Turquoise, Gold
Card Blanks
·         7” x 7”
·         8” x 8”
Paper Flowers
·         Blue
6” x 6” – white
8” x 8” - natural

·         Blue Embroidery Thread
·         Mini Willow Ring
1.       Cut eight ‘Leafy Swirl’ images from light and dark pearlescent card.
2.       Trim out large leafy swirls and glue around willow ring.
3.       Add extra swirls from images to suit.
4.       Attach paper flowers, interweaving the embroidery thread.
5.       Glue in place on white canvas.
6.       Attach this to natural canvas.

Example 2

·         Leafy Swirl
·         Nested Squares
·         Pearlescent White
·         Red Mirror
·         Patterned
·         Rust
·         Card Blank
·         Perga Glue
1.       Cut ‘Leafy Swirl’ once each from pearlescent white and red mirror card. Place one behind the other to create a drop shadow and glue in place with Perga Glue.
2.       Using either a Nested Square die or paper trimmer/guillotine, cut a square slightly larger than the image from patterned paper.
3.       Layer onto rust card to leave a narrow border.
4.       Add image onto this mat.
5.       Mount onto a larger patterned paper square and mat onto rust card. 
6.       Add to card blank.
7.       Decorate with paper buds, fashioned from torn circles of rust paper remnants.
8.       Add rust paper bow.

Example 3

·         Leafy Swirl
·         Nested Squares
·         Floral Frames Collection - Sentiments
·         Rose Gold Matte Mirror
·         Silver, Turquoise Mirror
·         Card Blank – 8” x 8” white
1.       Cut ‘Leafy Swirl’ once from silver mirror card and once from turquoise mirror card.
2.       Cut silver image using Nested Square die to leave a border. Place onto rose gold card.
3.       Glue in place areas of turquoise ‘waste.’
4.       Cut a turquoise frame using Nested Squares and add over silver frame.
5.       Cut sentiments of choice and glue in place.
6.       Add swirls cut from turquoise image.
7.       Add to card blank and trim.
8.       Run through die-cutting machine to smooth image.

Example 4

·         Leafy Swirl
·         Nested Squares
·         Floral Frames - Sentiments
·         Matte Black
·         Gold Mirror
·         Cream
1.       Cut image from gold mirror card – gold surface facing up.
2.       Turn over to place white card facing up. Cut image again. Run through die-cutting machine to smooth.
3.       Trim gold card, leaving narrow border. Mount onto black matte card and trim.
4.       Score and fold cream card into card blank. Add leafy swirl image and trim.
5.       Cut gold and black card using Nested Squares.
6.       Cut chosen sentiment into the black square. Discard sentiment and place cut square onto gold mirror square.
7.       Cut same sentiment from gold mirror card and glue in place onto the cut black square.
8.       Add to card using foam pads.

Example 5

·         Leafy Swirl
·         Nested Squares
·         Picot Circles
·         Silver
·         Stencil
·         8” x 8” – White
·         Fine Foam - Pale blue, Turquoise, Pale Turquoise
·         Perga Glitter
·         Hot Glue Gun
1.       Place two sheets of foam together and cut out Leafy Swirl.
2.       Add double sided sticky sheet to stencil card and add light foam image. Trim around perimeter. Sprinkle over green and blue Perga Glitter and rub in to ensure adhesion.
3.       Layer onto textured silver card and attach centrally onto canvas.
4.       Cut swirls out of turquoise image and add to one corner of canvas.
*N.B. To balance design, cut a further turquoise image and add to diagonal corner.
5. Flower:- Using smallest, 2nd smallest and 3rd smallest picot circles dies, cut two images of each from Pale Turquoise foam. Make five cuts towards centre around circumference on each circle.
6. Pleat and fold each ‘petal’ in each to create irregular lines. Starting with largest pair of circles, fold into ‘cone’ shape and roll to a point. Open up and glue one inside the other.
7. Repeat with other two sizes of circle and layer using hot glue to secure.
8. Attach to canvas using hot glue gun.  

Example 6

·         Leafy Swirl – Large and Small
·         Butterfly
·         Word Chain – Joy
·         Stencil
·         Designer Paper – Brighton Rock
·         Designer Card –
·         Matte Black
·         A5 – White
Ink Pads
·         Artistry – Mini Sets –
·         Radiance Black
1.       Cut sun mask and place onto stencil card. Mask lower third of card with masking tape or sticky notes.
2.       Blend over Haystack, Cinnamon Tea, Cranberry Crush, Moon Crater over top two thirds of card.
3.       Remove sticky note mask, place over inked area and blend over the same inks in the same order – creating a sun shadow.  Trim.
4.       With Radiance Black, stamp Leafy Swirl stamps - large and small - around Blend Black Shadow around edge of card. Edge with black alcohol marker. Stamp chosen sentiment using Radiance Black.
5.       Cut mat from Brighton Rock paper and stamp small leafy swirl around perimeter using Rosy Cheeks ink pad. Blend over Black Shadow around edge. Edge as in 4.)
6.       Layer stamped image over and attach to Designer Card. Layer onto matte black. Attach to canvas.
7.       Stamp smaller Leafy Swirl onto remainder of Designer Paper using Rosy Cheeks.
8.       Stamp butterfly outline over this twice. Cut out and add to canvas.

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