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Clarity Stamps Linda Williams Peacock Stamps

Linda Williams Peacock Stamps

Barbara Gray - NEC 17th March 2018

Hello and welcome to my blog. Below are the details of how I made the examples for Barbara's live show at the NEC on 17th March. At least I've managed to blog this before the month's end. Do hope this helps. 
'The Making Lady'

Stand Out from the Crowd

·        Stamps:- Peacock set
·        Ink Pads:- Versamark, Radiance Black
·        Embossing Powders:- Turquoise Detail, WOW Gold Sparkle, Antique Sparkle 
·        Card/Papers/Parchment:- Stencil, Designer Paper - Shenandoah, Designer Parchment - Rainbow River, Northern Lights

1.   On stencil card and using Radiance Black, Stamp verse to form a frame.
2.   Stamp Peacock in centre. Colour with chosen medium. (I used Polychromos.)
3.   Stamp Peacock twice onto parchment using Versamark.
4.   Emboss one image with turquoise and other with gold.
5.   Heat set.
6.   Cut out blue Peacock and the wing only from the gold Peacock.
7.   Stamp two, single feathers and emboss with WOW gold. Cut out.
8.   Stamp a number of small peacock feathers and emboss some with blue and others with Antique Sparkle. Cut out.
9.   Assemble embossed images on top of coloured Peacock and attach with Perga Glue. Layer onto card and card blank.

Linda Williams Peacock Stamps

Barbara Gray - NEC 17th March 2018

Proud as a Peacock!


·        Stamps:- Peacock set
·        Ink Pads:- Versamark
·        Embossing Powder:- WOW gold sparkle
·        Card/Paper:- Designer Paper - Northern Lights
·        Self-Adhesive gems

1.   Stamp Peacock onto chosen Designer Paper.
2.   Emboss and heat set.
3.   Repeat with sentiment.
4.   Layer onto card and card blank.
5.   Add gems. NB - these had to be glued down due to the embossed surface.

Linda Williams Peacock Stamps

Barbara Gray - NEC 17th March

Feather Frame


·        Stamps:- Peacock set
·        Ink Pads:- Radiance Black 
·        Card/Paper:- Theuva, Clarity Black, Mirri holographic
·        Colours:- Polychromos
·        Misc:- Glue pen, glitter
1.   Stamp Peacock on Theuva card. Colour. Set aside.
2.   Create a frame by stamping and masking peacock feather panel. Colour.
3.   Trim inside and outside of frame.
4.   Add peacock image onto layered Clarity Black Card.
5.   Add frame over image, securing with foam pads.
6.   Decorate with glue pen and silver holographic glitter.

Linda Williams Peacock Stamps

Barbara Gray - NEC 17th March

Peacock Masquerade


·        Stamps:- Peacock set
·        Ink Pads:- Versamark
·        Embossing Powder:- Turquoise Detail, Gold Detail, Cosmic Shimmer Aurora Blue (from my stash and around seven years old)
·        Card/Paper/Parchment:- Designer Parchment - Rainbow River, Northern Lights
·        Misc:- Papier Mache mask; Inka Gold - Hematite, Silver; 8ins x 8ins Canvas; block canvas from stash; sequins; Gold Mica Paste.


1.   Paint a block canvas with slightly dilute Silver Inka Gold then when dry, with same of Hematite. Set aside to dry.
2.   Cut papier mache mask to suit. Paint with dilute Inks Gold Silver. Allow to dry. Outline eyes with black Sharpie.
3.   Stamp Peacock on chosen parchment five times and add a selection of embossing powders. Heat set. Cut out.
4.   Stamp a number of different feathers and emboss with different powders to suit.
5.   Heat set.
6.   Cut out.
7.   Attach to mask with Perga Glue.
8.   Attach block canvas to 8ins x8ins using mitred strips of double-sided Clarity sticky sheets.
9.   Glue mask onto painted canvas.
10. Add sequins to feathers and canvas.

Many thanks for visiting. I hope this has been a useful browse. 
Best wishes,
'The Making Lady.'

Clarity Stamps with Maria

Clarity Stamps on Hochanda 14 March 2018 – Maria Moorhouse

Good afternoon and thank you for your visit to my blog. Mananged to write this blog in the same month as these were shown. Phew!!!
Hope you can understand my instructions. 
'The Making Lady' 
Strolling, Just Strolling!

·         Stamps:- Clarity Characters – Douglas, Lily
·         Card/Paper:- Designer Card – Northern Lights; Kraft Card
·         Ink Pads:- Radiance Black
·         Embossing Powder:- Clear Detail
·         Colours:- Polychromos; Inka Gold – Hematite, Gold, Copper, Silver
·         Glue:- Mod Podge, Perga Glue
·         Canvas:- 10ins x 8ins
1.       Cut a frame from three sheets of Kraft Card. Glue together with Mod Podge or similar and allow to dry.
2.       Stamp Character borders over, add embossing powder and heat set.
3.       Add Inka Gold to suit. Attach acetate to reverse of frame and set aside.
4.       Stamp[MM1]  Douglas and mask. Stamp Lily. Colour images.
5.       Using the lines on the Designer Card, scribble in flowers, shadows and detail.
6.       Attach frame over images.
7.       For the canvas:- mask centre of canvas. Add a little water to chosen Inka Gold and paint over exposed border. Remove masking tape and paint remainder of canvas with a lighter coverage of Inka Gold to create an ‘ombre’ effect.
8.       Attach framed images to canvas with Perga Glue and weight down until dry.

                                                          Choices, Choices!

·         Stamps:- Clarity Characters – Lily + Lily Border, Douglas Border, Rosie Border, Annabel Border; Large Tailor’s Dummy (this is one of my original Clarity stamps from around 2009)
·         Card/Paper:- Kraft Card, Clarity Black Shiny, Theuva, Designer Paper – Rainbow River, Shenandoah; Holographic Mirri Scraps
·         Ink Pads:- Radiance Black; Staz-on Black; Artistry – Camel Safari
·         Stencil:- Script
·         Inka Gold:- Hematite, Copper, Gold, Silver
·         Misc:- Sakura Black Star pen,
1.       Glue three sheets of A5 Kraft card together with Mod Podge or similar and allow to dry.
2.       Stamp and heat emboss Character borders over entire rectangle.
3.       Add selection of Inka Gold to suit. Polish with dry baby wipe.
4.       Stamp the tripod from Tailor’s Dummy three times onto holographic card scraps. Trim to suit.
5.       Stamp Lily a number of times onto chosen Designer Paper and cut out – dress only and paper piece each layer.
6.       Stamp Rosie border over chosen image. Colour in with Sakura Black Star.
7.       Cut each out, layer up – attaching each layer with Perga Glue.
8.       Glue onto tripod. Set aside.
9.       Blend Camel Safari through Script mini-stencil and edge same strip with same ink. Layer onto card.
10.   Attach dresses onto each Script background.
11.   Add onto Inka Gold background followed by Kraft Card.

 A Chorus Line!

·         Stamps:- Clarity Characters – Douglas; Douglas Silhouette; Word Chain Alphabet
·         Card/Paper:- Designer Card & Paper - Northern Lights; Clarity Black; old music score from charity shop
·         Ink Pads:- Radiance Black; Artistry Burnt Umber
·         Colours:- Polychromos

1.       Stamp Douglas central front on Designer card.
2.       Mask.
3.       Stamp a series of Douglas silhouettes in the distance.
4.       Colour Douglas with Polychromos.
5.       Layer with Designer Paper and black card.
6.       Stamp sentiment onto charity shop music score. Tear around perimeter. Edge with Burnt Umber.
7.       Add to card.
8.       Tear a small circle from matching Designer Paper and form into a buttonhole flower. Attach using Perga Glue.

 Take Your Partners!

Stamps:- Clarity Characters – Douglas, Annabel; Word Chain Alphabet
Ink Pads:- Radiance Black; Artistry - Burnt Umber, Mud Stone
Card/Paper:- Stencil, Kraft; Designer Paper remnants
Colours:- Polychromos
Misc:- Sakura Gold Star pen; Alcohol pens

1.       On stencil card draw a number of lines vertically and horizontally using alcohol markers to create a check pattern. Blend Burnt Umber over complete card. Spritz with water and blot. Set aside.
2.       Stamp and mask a series of Douglas and a series of Annabel on another sheet of stencil card, using Radiance Black.
3.       On same card and to create floorboards, blend Mud Stone over a piece of acetate, in a straight line. Repeat to form the illusion of floor.
4.       Colour Douglas and Annabel images, trim and attach to check card.
5.       Layer and add to card blank.
Stamp chosen sentiment and attach to top.

Many thanks for visiting.
Best wishes,
'The Making Lady' ;~}

Clarity Stamps with Rossella

Clarity Stamps 
Clarity Stamps @ Hochanda
Rosella Brotherton-Cottrell -  February 21 2018

Hi there and thank you for reading my blog. At last, I have caught up with everything and have found a few minutes to add these - I'm afraid it is a bit like all the buses arriving at once! Better late than never, however. Hope you find this useful.
Bye for now, 
'The Making Lady'  


Stamps:- Mandala set, Art Nouveau Sentiments
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Card/Paper:- Old dictionary page; Clarity Card – Designer Shenandoah, Black Coated, Chromo
·         Colours:- PCE pens
·         Clarity Double-sided Sticky sheet
·         Perga Glue
1.       Stamp chosen mandala onto book page. Repeat three times.
2.       Roughly trim images and attach to doubled-sided sticky sheet. Attach this to scrap card and cut out.
3.       Colour layers with a variety of PCE yellows. (I scribbled colour from the broad nibs onto a plastic lid and picked the colour up with a paintbrush (Clarity No6.)
4.       Tear stem and leaves from book page.
5.       Colour leaves and stem with a selection of PCE greens and browns.
6.       Trim chosen Shenandoah card to suit and attach stem and leaves with Perga Glue.
7.       Add mandala layers to suit.
8.       Mount onto Clarity Black Coated card, Chromo card then onto coated card.
9.       Stamp chosen sentiment at foot of card.


·         Stamps:- Mandala
·         Card/Paper:- Clarity Card – Designer Shenandoah, Chromo, Clarity Black Coated; Shenandoah Paper; Clarity Green Parchment
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Groovi Border Plate:- Art Nouveau Lilies GRO-FL-40124-10
·         Perga Glue
·         Misc:- Ribbon; strands from hessian squares; self-adhesive gems
1.       Stamp chosen mandala onto selected Shenandoah card. Trim. Set aside.
2.       Stamp same mandala five times onto matching Shenandoah paper and cut out layers.
3.       Emboss, pierce and picot cut stem and leaves from the Art Deco Lily plate.
4.       Add to card image using minute dots of Perga Glue.
5.       Attach petal layers over image and stem to suit using Perga Glue.
6.       Add bow, gems and hessian strands to suit.

Arabic-style Tile

*The ‘tile’ idea comes from memories of those used to decorate mosques and palaces in Oman, where we lived for four years. Tiles may also be seen in buildings in Dubai and Kuwait, where we also spent time.*
·         Stamps:- Mandala
·         Card:- Theuva; blue mirri, blue card – both from stash
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Cobalt Blue
·         Colours:- PCE pens
·         Masks:- Matching Clarity mask plus extras cut from sticky notes
·         Dark blue Sharpie.
1.       Cut Theuva card to measure 4.5ins x 4.5ins (approx. 11.5cm x 11.5cm.)
2.       Lightly pencil in diagonals to indicate centre point.
3.       Prepare four extra sticky note masks.
4.       Using Cobalt Blue Archival ink, stamp chosen mandala. Add mask.
5.       Stamp and mask around central image.
6.       Stamp partial mandala in each corner.
7.       Colour selected areas of stamped images with light blue and grey PCE pens, using fine point.
8.       Edge with Sharpie, layer onto mirri, Theuva and blue card before attaching to card blank.
9.       Add a single self-adhesive gem to central mandala.
Monochrome Wreath

·         Stamps:- Mandala
·         Card/Paper:- Clarity Stencil card; Clarity white parchment (a great way to use scraps from my stash)
·         Canvas:- 6ins x 6ins
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Clarity Mandala mask plus extras made from stamped images on sticky notes.
·         Perga Glue
·         Self-adhesive pearls
1.       Lightly pencil a circle of 8cm diameter in centre of stencil card.
2.       Stamp and mask chosen mandala around pencil mark. (6 times.)
3.       Mask and stamp around outer area of stamped circle. (6 times.)
4.       Repeat to fill in gaps. (6 times.)
5.       Cut around inside and outside perimeter
6.       Stamp same mandala 30 times onto parchment. Allow to dry.
7.       Attach cut-outs to six outer images.
8.       To create ‘flowers’ – for each flower fold two mandalas in half along each point and using them as a guide. Cut away 2 segments ie 1/6 of each folded mandala. Concertina fold along each fold line and join one to the other by matching the final section on each. Use Perga Glue to secure.
9.       Attach randomly to stamped circle with Perga Glue.
10.   Add to canvas.
11.   Drop a spot of Perga Glue to the centre of each mandala flower. Add a small pearl onto this.
Thank you for looking in.
Best wishes,
'The Making Lady'  ;~}