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Clarity Stamps - Time Flies - August 29 2017

Clarity Stamps 

Hochanda August 29 2017 

How Time Flies

Hello, welcome to my blog and thank you for looking. Below are a number of examples I made for Maria's fabulous show on Hochanda. Cannot quite work out my favourite yet - I do like the one immediately below, 'Ding! Dong! and 'A Matching Pair' although the other two follow closely. 

       Hold On Tight!

·         Stamps:- Carpe Diem, Girl and Butterflies
·         Stencils:- Clockwork
·         Ink Pads:- Lime Kiss, Morning Dew, Tenacious Teal; Archival Black
·         Card:- Stencil Card 7ins x 7ins
1.       Using Archival Black, stamp Carpe Diem centrally on card.
2.       Ink Girl only and stamp onto the edge of the ‘M.’
3.       Ink Butterflies only and stamp onto top of ‘C.’
4.       ‘Smoosh’ over Lime Kiss, Morning Dew and Tenacious Teal. Spritz with water and mop.
5.       Attach stencil to reverse of card and emboss using a die-cutting machine.
6.       Colour letters with Polychromos.

2.       Love You

·         Stamps:- Cogs, Big Ben, Word Chains – 6, 11
·         Stencil:- American Love
·         Ink Pads:- Archival – Watering Can; Artistry – Blushing Rose, Aged Stucco, Moon Crater
·         Card:- Clarity Card
1.       Mask stencil to leave heart only exposed.
2.       Sweep over Moon Crater then Blushing Rose with stencil brushes.
3.       Using 1st and 2nd generation ink from Aged Stucco pad, stamp a variety of cogs. Allow to dry then polish with kitchen roll.
4.       Scribble an outline using a fine Micron pen.
5.       Cut a frame to fit using another sheet of Clarity card.
6.       Add some Blushing Rose and Moon Crater to craft sheet; stamp cogs around frame edge.
7.       Glue frame in place.
8.       Stamp sentiment using ‘Watering Can.’

3.       Ding! Dong!

·         Stamps:- Big Ben, Hats 1 & 2, Alphabet Chain
·         Indian Summer paper
·         Ink Pads:- Archival - Watering Can, Black
1.       Stamp three ladies from Hats 1 & 2 onto Theuva card using Archival Black, masking to suit. Keeping the mask in place on central lady, stamp Big Ben with Archival Black.
2.       Colour hair and faces with Polychromos.
3.       Stamp each lady onto chosen sheet of Indian Summer paper twice. Add Clarity double sided sticky sheet to reverse and cut out hats. Add onto stamped images.
4.       Stamp ‘Ding! Dong!’ using Archival Watering Can.

4.       Matching Pair!

·         Stamps:- Cogs from Time Flies set, bag from Handbags set, boots from Shoes set.
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Card/Paper:- Indian Summer
1.       Stamp bag and boots twice onto chosen Indian Summer sheet. Stamp chosen cog over both boots and bag images.
2.       Add Clarity double-sided sticky to reverse of all images.
3.       Cut out boots, omitting heels. Without removing backing, place boots onto chosen background sheet to suit and lightly mark where heels should be. Stamp a small cog and the hour hand to create heels. Remove sticky backing and place boot images on background.
4.       Apply one stamped bag to the background by removing backing paper. Cut out the front handle and ‘flap’ from one handbag image. Apply cut out over main image.
5.       Stamp a medium cog three times onto boot paper remnant and repeat with a smaller one.
6.       Cut out and scrunch up all cogs; add to boots and bag as decoration.

5.       Clockwork Canvas

·         Canvas:- 4 x mini canvasses, 1 Clarity 8ins by 8ins canvas
·         Stamps:- Cogs
·         Stencil:- Clockwork
·         Ink Pads:- Silver
·         Paint:- Fresco Finish - Honeydew, Nougat, Snowflake, Sherbet, Vintage Lace
·         Misc:- Black gesso, Texture Paste, Clarity double-sided sticky sheets, gilding wax – gold and silver
1.       Tape all four mini canvasses securely together on the reverse.
2.       Attach Clockwork stencil to front. Sweep through moulding/texture paste. Allow to dry. (Overnight is preferable.)
3.       When dry, separate then apply black gesso over all four mini canvasses. Allow to dry. (No heat guns unless you require this effect – application of fierce heat bubbles the paste.
4.       Dry-brush paint using the stated colours.
5.       Add gilding wax to suit.
6.       Stamp interlocking cogs onto 8 x 8 canvas using silver ink pad or Versamark and silver embossing powder. Add some gilding wax around edges.
7.       Place squares of double-sided sticky onto reverse of mini canvasses and add to larger canvas to suit.

. . . . .And there we have my selection of examples for Maria's shows on Hochanda.
Hope the details help.

Thank you for your visit. 

Happy crafting,

Best wishes,

'The Making Lady'

Clarity Carpe Diem Hochanda August 26 2017

 Hochanda August 26th 2017
Clarity Stamps - Carpe Diem

Hi - details of the examples made for the Hochanda birthday shows on Saturday 26 August 2017 and my first for the main DT. 


  • Stencil:- Town
  • Stamps:- Flutterby, Word Chain 5, Wee Folk 3 Fairies
  • Card:- Watercolour
  • Ink Pads:- Artistry - Golden Turmeric, Blushing Rose, Moon Crater; Archival - Cobalt, Cornflower
  • Misc:- Polychromos
          1.       ‘Smoosh’ the colours onto watercolour paper and spritz liberally with water.                       Mop excess.
          2. Place stencil behind the soaked paper and run through die-cutting machine. (I                   wanted a negative emboss.) *NB I cut the upper frame off the stencil to achieve               a clear outline. Allow to dry. 
          3. Apply Archival Cornflower to Girl and Cobalt to Butterflies. Stamp to suit.
          4.  Colour windows with yellow Polychromos.
          5. Trim. Blend Moon Crater around lower edge to intensify colour.
          6. Stamp Dream and stars using Cobalt onto trimmings. Add to card.

                                                         Hold On Tight!

Stencil:- NDC Trees 
Stamps:- Girl and Butterflies, Carpe Diem
Ink Pads:- Artistry Golden Turmeric, Fancy Fuchsia, Orange Popsicle, Rusticana; Archival                 Black
Clarity Stencil Card – large size cut in half

1. ‘Smoosh’ all colours listed over card; spritz with water allow to drip and mop with kitchen roll. 
2. Attach damp card to stencil and emboss using a die-cutting machine. Allow to dry.
3. Stamp Girl to suit using black Archival. Trim.
4. Stamp ‘Carpe Diem’ and colour. Cut and mount.

Wait for Me!
·         Stamps:- Fly Away, Girl with Butterflies
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Watering Can, Black
·         Indian Summer Paper
·         Groovi Plates:- What is This Life, Jayne’s Postcard Framer, Tina’s Flowers
·         White parchment
·         Polychromos
1.       On Indian Summer paper, stamp Boy and Birds using Watering Can; stamp Girl using Archival Black. Trim.
2.       On A4 white parchment, emboss What is Life frame, extending it to fit trimmed stamped image.
3.       Add the banner from Jayne’s Postcard, shrinking it to fit. Emboss ‘Wait for Me’ using letters from Jayne’s Postcard plate.
4.       Colour using Polychromos.
5.       Pierce and cut.

6.       Add flower. 


·         Groovi Plates:- Ivy Wreath, Poppy Wreath
·         Northern Lights Parchment (Ivy Wreath), Indian Summer Parchment (background), white parchment (poppies)
·         Misc:- Polychromos, Spectrum Noir Blending Fluid and Paper Stumps, white card
1.       Emboss Ivy Wreath onto Northern Lights sheet, omitting the central leaf vein on all leaves. Pierce and cut.
2.       On white parchment, emboss fourteen poppies; colour with Polychromos and blend with Spectrum Noir Blending Fluid.
3.       Cut around outline of seven poppies and leaves and attach to wreath to suit. Cut out remaining poppies – flowers only and add to centre of each flower.
4.       Cut Indian Summer parchment to suit and mount onto white card. Add wreath.

Wishing on a Star.

·         Groovi Plates :- Nested Squares, Nested Circles, Nested Stars, Fairy 2, Swing on a Star.
·         Indian Summer Parchment
·         Misc:- Acetate, Polychromos, Spectrum Noir Blending Fluid, Paper Stumps, Brads
1.       Emboss largest circle followed by largest square then create a smaller inner square on Indian Summer parchment.
2.       Emboss Fairy 2, replacing dandelion with star from Nested Stars.
3.       Create a crescent moon from Nested Circles. Stipple areas of moon. Add stars from Swing on a Star plate.
4.       Add writing (all letters and dots from Swing on a Star plate.)
5.       Colour areas to suit using Polychromos and blend with Spectrum Noir Blending Fluid (learnt at this year’s Retreat).
6.       Pierce and emboss areas to suit.

Thank you for visiting. Hope this has been helpful. 

Best wishes,

'The Making Lady.'

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Clarity Outline Stamps - Original Set August 2017

Clarity Stamps
Outline Stamps - Original Set
August 2017
  • Stamps:- Leaf Outline plus Masks; Peace at Christmas set - Three Kings and Star; Santa and Stars Corner set - small group of stars; Alphabet Word Chain; Word Chain 11 - Star
  • Ink Pads:- Archival Cobalt; Artistry Midnight Blue, Blue Chase
  • Masks:- Moons set; Stars set
  • Gel Press
  • Stamps:- Grove Outline plus masks; Peace at Christmas set - Stable scene, Single Star, Sentiments
  • Ink Pads:- Archival Cobalt; Artistry Midnight Blue
  • Gel Press
  • Spider Web Ribbon (to use with Gel Press as background

  • Stamps:- Bird Outline plus mask; Garden Unmounted set; Rope Frame set - Trees; Word Chains 13 - Christmas; Word Chains 4 - Blessings
  • Ink Pads :- Archival Cobalt; Artistry Midnight Blue
  • Gel Press

  • Stamps:- Leaf Outline plus mask; Jayne's Winter Scene; Jayne's Postcard Framer set - Sentiment
  • Ink Pads:- Archival Cobalt; Artistry Midnight Blue
  • Masks:- Moon set
  • Gel Press
  • Spider Web Ribbon (as before)

  • Stamps:- Toadstool Outline plus mask, Fairies; Wee Folk 8 - Girl and Tree; Christmas Tree Outline - Fairy Lights; Alphabet Word Chain
  • Ink Pads:- Archival Cobalt; Artistry Midnight Blue
  • Gel Press
  • Stencil - Christmas Stars
  • Stamps:- Stag Outline and masks; Jayne's Poinsettia - small (cut from stamped swag images); Jayne's Holly and Ivy - small ivy leaf frond; Jayne's Postcard Framed and Sentiment; Deerscape
  • Mask:- Moon set
  • Ink Pads:- Archival Cobalt; Artistry Blue Chase.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Clarity Challenge August 2017 'Garden Party'

Clarity Challenge
August 2017
'Garden Party'

This card celebrates a garden party with a suitably placed glass of bubbles! The Nested Squares plate was a great aid in the formation of the steps! The rest - straightforward.

  • Groovi Plates:- Hats 1, Nested Squares - steps, Cake Decorations - Champagne glass and swag, Tina's Flowers, What is Life - Leaf border, Art Deco Alphabet
  • Groovi A4 Parchment
  • Colours:- Pergamano Pens, Faber Castel Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencils, Polychromos 
This was another joy to create. Isn't it great when a theme speaks to you!

Happy parching!

Best wishes,

'The Making Lady' 

Clarity Challenge August 2017 'Garden Party'

Clarity Challenge
August 2017
'Dames Portant des Chapeaux'

Hello - blog time again and boy! did I enjoy designing and making this card. 

The main hat is so reminiscent of one my mum wore in the 70s' and the same I borrowed for a photo shoot for a national newspaper; enough said - Mum did not wear this beautiful, deep, rich, jade green titfer again as she deemed that the villagers would reckon it was mine! I had hoped to find it, salted away in a suitcase, whilst clearing my late mum's house but sadly it was not to be. I will just have to search for the photo. 

So - this card is very much a tribute to my mum as she was one of those ladies, depicted in the card; Mum knew how to wear her many and various hats. She suited them. She even took to the catwalk to promote them.  And - I am lucky enough to carry on the tradition which may have begun with my mum's aunt Lyn (short for Lavinia) who was a milliner in those far gone days when hats were a 'must wear.' I love hats. I wear hats. I have many - summer, winter, rain, wedding, large, small, colourful and plain. I have collected hats and head gear from the many countries I have lived in and visited - my dining room walls tell the story although my Texan stetson is in a hat-box in the loft.

And my plan for my later years is to go on wearing them. I wish to embrace old age with a sense of eccentricity!

  • Cardstock:- card blank - one - 8ins x 8ins; Clarity Stencil Card; Clarity Papers remnants.
  • Clarity Stamps:- Hats 1,2; Alphabet Word Chain
  • Inks:- Archival Black
  • Miscellaneous:- Faber Castel Polychromos; black and coloured card mats.

  • Stamp the largest hat centrally towards the foot of the stencil card; mask and stamp other 'hatted faces' around, masking continuously. 
  • Stamp corresponding hats and attach to main images. Stamp others to fill in. 
  • Add colour to faces. 
  • Mat onto card then onto card blank. 
  • Using the Alphabet, stamp an appropriate sentiment, add a scribbled edging and mat. 
Et voila - 'Dames portant des chapeaux!'

Have fun!

Join the challenge!

Best wishes!

'The Making Lady'

PS The sentiment is optional. (Haven't glued it down yet!}