Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Clarity Challenge 26 April 2015
Wee Folk
Hello from Shelagh-land! Cannot believe it's April already, daylight longer and warmer weather should be showing its face soon to match all the beautiful blooms in the garden, not to mention all the little nesting birds. I was lucky enough to see my elusive wren this afternoon - I've been spending too much time upstairs in my craft room and the change in the great outdoors has eluded me. 

This month's challenge is the lovely little 'Wee Folk' stamps. I tried a number of things including canvasses and different scenes before settling on my finished project. It seems to help me to use a quote or similar to send me on my creative way. Please enjoy my step-by-step which I've have photographed using Spun Sugar and Stormy Sky and not Squeezed Lemonade, Stormy Sky, Salty Ocean, Cracked Pistachio and Shabby Shutters as in the completed example.

·         Cardstock:- Clarity Gelli Plate 7x7, black, silver mirri, Clarity Gelli Plate 8.5x11, Turquoise mirri
·         Stamps:- Clarity – Wee Folk Sets 3,4; Diamond Carriage; NDC Bubbles; Remountable Artist Clear Stamp
·         Stencils:- Clarity – Umbrellas
·         Inkpads:- Ranger Distress Squeezed Lemonade, Stormy Sky, Cracked Pistachio, Salty Ocean, Shabby Shutters; Archival Black; Versafine Onyx Black
·         Embossing Powder:- WOW Clear Hologram Sparkle
·         Micron Pen
·         Acetate

·         Tape the Umbrellas stencil to a piece of 7x7 Gelli Plate card. Brush (Clarity Brushes) or blend       (Ranger mini blenders) selected Distress Ink from bottom right hand corner across to top left,         continue until desired intensity of colour is achieved.
·         Place moon mask to suit. Gradually introduce second Distress Ink and work from below centre diagonal, sweeping colour upwards. Remove stencil and continue brushing Spun Sugar until complete 7x7card is gently coloured.
·         Apply masking tape around all four sides to continue with the border created by the stencil.
·         Sweep a good covering of baby powder over entire card.

·         Ink up the elf stamp with Archival ink and stamp image in the lower middle of stenciled card; ink again and stamp towards bottom right of stenciled card. On a post-it note stamp elf image and cut out two masks.
·         Mask elf; ink carriage with Onyx Black and stamp to left of elf. Heat emboss using clear hologram sparkle. Stamp carriage onto a post-it and cut out; place over carriage image and with black Archival, stamp fairy through window. (Ensure the foot of carriage is masked with another post-it – the fairy has long legs!!!)

·    Stamp the fairy (same one as in the carriage) opposite with black Archival, masking off from just below her lower hand, to leave her torso.

·         Cover the larger ginkgo leaf with masking tape, then place the NDC Ginkgo stencil over the fairy torso to form a skirt. Tape down then apply chosen Distress inks to suit. Remove stencil. 

Outline the ‘skirt folds’ with a Micron pen. Blend in some more colour to achieve desired results.
·         Remove moon mask and right side masking tape. Stamp left-facing fairy at the top right corner.     Replace moon mask then stamp stars to form a pathway to the carriage.

·         Stamp (Black Archival) toadstool from the fairy set at the bottom left-hand corner; stamp again on a post-it and cut out two masks. Mask toadstool and stamp image again, slightly off-page (masking tape is still in place so it’s ok to do this); mask this image and stamp again. Remove masks.
·         Stamp seated fairy on one of the toadstool caps.
·         Create sentiment on computer and print. Place Umbrellas stencil over and ink as before. Using side and edge from the Artist’s Set, create a scroll. Trim and adhere to top left.
·         Apply Quickie glue pen to elves and fairies wings. Repeat on stars and diamond on carriage.
·         Scribble a border around card and mount onto black then silver mirri.
·         Cut white card to 21x21cm. Using Cracked Pistachio, stamp the top scroll from the carriage around the edge. (Stamp each corner, then middle which leaves enough room for another image in-between.) Trim a sliver from each edge and mount onto 21x21cm turquoise mirri.
·         Mount card onto this.
NB (I added a trimmed sheet of acetate as an overlay to create an illusion of depth.)

Et Voila – Cinderella shall go to the ball!

Stamps, white card, stencils and ink pads can all be purchased from Clarity Stamps. The turquoise and silver mirri along with black card and acetate all came from my stash.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I would love to see where your 'Elves and Fairies' crafting takes you, so please think about entering your project into this month's Clarity challenge.

Hope to see you returning soon.

For now, cheerio!



  1. A truly beautiful creation and worth all that work Sheelagh. A beautiful inspired fairytale scene. So clever to set the Cinderella carraige and the use of the stencil to make the dress was wonderful. Love the card and a great step by step.

  2. It's kind of you to take time to comment, Naomi, thank you. I had several sleepless nights as there was nothing worthy of posting for some time; lots of ideas flitting around inside my head but nothing coherent on paper or canvas - and there were a few!! I find if I can come up with a phrase or similar, it find it helps to organise my thoughts and then there's no stopping. ;~}

  3. This is another lovely piece of art work I do love looking at all your art work as its all so beautiful. Xx

  4. Thank you, Carol It is very kind of you to comment so generously. I thoroughly enjoy my crafting but sometimes find it difficult to channel my ideas to a suitable conclusion, get myself all wound up and can't do anything for a while! ;~}

  5. This card is so beautiful Shelagh. I love the scene you've created around those few words "you shall go to the ball" its like a mini fairytale. Thanks for the step by step, its a great way of seeing and appreciating all the little details that go into a project. Xxx

  6. Thank you, Barbara, you are very kind with your comments. Most of my ideas spark from something familiar - once again probably due to three decades of lesson-planning; I think I need this to give me the impetus to go forward in whatever direction! ;~}

  7. Very romantic such a nice idea with the carriage reminds me of Cinderella love the way you used the stencil to make the dress x

  8. Your attention to detail is lovely Shelagh. I adore your Ginko dress, brilliant idea. The fairies go so well with the Carriage (I forgot I had that stamp). I love your choice of colours too. You have definitely set a perfect scene. Hugs xx

  9. Your step-by-step is great Shelagh - I love your project this month. It's so pretty and feminine. It will no doubt inspire many to put their thinking-caps on.
    Enjoy your evening,
    Carole xxx

  10. Love your artwork Shelagh. The Ginko dress is an inspired idea and one I'm sure Cinderella herself would have loved. xx

    1. Thank you, Angela. Isn't it funny - you start out with a scrap of an idea and how it evolves can be quite mysterious. Much obliged! ;~}

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Julie, Emma and Carole, you have no idea how greatly appreciated they are, what with all your stunning projects on show! It took a long time for the idea to form but once there, I let it run. As for a good evening, I'm glad I'm indoors - presently looking out at a blizzard!!! Cheers. ;~}

  12. Lovely work Shelagh - never would have thought to use the carriage - what a super idea and I love the background you have created. great idea with the genko stencil for a skirt I have done exactly the same some time ago it works beautifully xx

  13. Thanks for the detailed tutorial Shelagh. I hadn't noticed the Umbrella stencil work in the background and the clever use of the top of the carriage in your border. You have created a magical scene and used so many different techniques. I love it x

  14. Thanks for the detailed tutorial Shelagh. I hadn't noticed the Umbrella stencil work in the background and the clever use of the top of the carriage in your border. You have created a magical scene and used so many different techniques. I love it x

    1. Thank you, Lesley. The project needed some finishing off and what better to keep it in context but the carriage-top. The 'round filing cabinet' was overflowing for a while but, hey, got there in the end! Have a good evening; at least there's no blizzard here tonight! Cheers. ;~}