Monday, 14 March 2016

Clarity Stamp Challenge 37 Mid-month 'It's All About the Girls!'

Clarity Challenge 37 Mid-month
‘It’s All About the Girls'

Hello and welcome back to Shelagh-land (The Making Lady) and many thanks for your visit. There are quite a few birthdays to be recognised around this time, so I have combined this reason with my Clarity Challenge Mid-month submission. I love 3D work and although I've haven't possessed this stamp for long, the shape shouted 'Masqued Ball' to me. I hope you like how I've used it. Most of the components are available from the Clarity Stamp website with a few additions from my stash.

Apologies for the lack of step-by-step photos but there is work going on in the house - right next to my craft room and presently the area is a 'No-Go' zone! 

·         Stamps:- Filigraphy Leaves 1
·         Stencil:- Tree of Life
·         Cardstock:- Clarity Stencil Card 7x7, mirri card from stash, 8x8 white card
·         Panpastels:- Gold
·         Inkpads:- Versamark
·         Ranger Mini Blending Tool and sponges
·         Embossing Powder:-   Gold Detail, two shades of red/gold and orange/gold from stash
·         Feathers:- coloured marabou from stash
(N.B. All items listed apart from ‘stash stuff’ are available from Clarity Stamps website.)

1.       Cover entire branch area of tree of life with masking tape or post-it notes, leaving only the intricate root area, complete with Celtic symbol open. Tape in place over one corner of 7x7 card and sponge over Versamark. (I used a Ranger mini blending tool and sponge.) Remove stencil.
2.       Over the Versamark stencilled outline, apply gold Panpastels, gently building up the depth of colour.
3.       Repeat these two steps on each remaining corner, working in a clockwise direction.
4.        Add red liner tape around each card edge, sprinkle on a mixture of embossing powders as detailed in (5) and gently heat emboss. (I started from the reverse of the card to stop the powder flying onto the stencilled image.) Set aside.
(N.B. I tried stencilling all the areas before adding the Panpastels but the final image was not as sharp.)
5.       Stamp the Filigraphy Leaves onto post-its and cut out a mask. Set aside.
6.       Again using Versamark, stamp the Filigraphy Leaves stamp onto another sheet of the 7x7 card. Sprinkle pinches of gold and the other two colours over the stamped image then heat emboss.
7.       Mask this image then turn the stamp to face the other way and stamp and emboss again as in (5.) Cut out the complete image, leaving a fraction of a white border. Cut out the central leaf on each side.
8.       Stamp another four leaf images and emboss as in (5.) On two images, cut into the shape, to leave the inside rim of leaves. Shape the card, gently rounding the leaves and glue into place over main piece.
9.       From the remaining two images, cut single leaves to suit and glue in place.
10.   Mat stencilled image onto white card, followed by gold mirri then black card.
Et voila! Another card suitable ‘For the Girls!’
 Although it’s not shown here, this was then mounted onto an 8x8 card for my sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Kay!

Here is another variation on the theme:-

Barbara’s Birthday Card!
·         Stamps:- Filigraphy Leaves1, Small Leafy Swirl, ‘Celebrate’ – Word Chain 3
·         Cardstock:- Clarity Stencil card 7x7, toning mirri card, 8x8 card
·         Stencil:- Tree of Life
·         Inkpads:- Versamark, Peacock Feathers
·         Embossing Powders:- Wow Gold Twinkle, Gold Detail two colours of turquoise from stash
·         Clarity Brushes
·         Feathers, Filigree Leaves from stash
·         Perfect Pearls:- gold, blue, turquoise, green

1.       Tree of Life stencil prepared and used as above in (1,) (2) and (3.)
2.       Load Clarity brush with Peacock Feathers ink then brush most off onto copy paper before brushing over stencilled card.
3.       Run red liner tape around each edge and gently brush on a selection of toning Perfect Pearls. Set aside.
4.       Stamp Filigraphy Leaf 1 using Versamark as in (6) but heat emboss as before with pinches of  sparkling gold and different turquoise and blue embossing powders.
5.       Repeat (7,) (8) and (9) with these colours and assemble as before.
6.       Ink the small Leafy Swirl with Versamark and stamp onto feathers and filigree leaves. Add gold detail powder and heat emboss. (N.B. I tried this with a marabou feather from the card above and it ‘withered’ with the heat – so in this case, the cheaper the feathers, all the better!)
7.       Glue the decorated leaves and feathers behind the mask to suit.
8.       Stamp ‘Celebrate’ using glittery gold embossing powder and heat-set.
9.       The card was completed by matting onto white, then toning mirri then onto 8x8 card.
Et voila! 

Bon anniversaire, Barbara!



  1. Love the design of this card it is very striking. Xx

    1. Thanks, Carol. I love doing these types of projects. ;~}