Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Clarity Stamps Challenge 40 - June 2016 Mid-month
'A Horse with no Name!'

·         Stamps:- Clarity – Filigraphy Frame, Wooden Horse, Chequered frame from Brilliant Work of Art Set, Alphabet Word Chains
·         Cardstock:- Clarity Card; black, cream pearlescent from stash
·         Stencil:- Lattice Stencil NDC 16
·         Inkpads:- Archival – Potting Soil; Distress – Pumice Stone, Antique Linen, Tea Dye
·         Miscellaneous:- String, Cork mat

N.B. This is stamped in black and not the 'Potting Soil' used for the actual card.
1.       Using Archival Potting Soil, stamp Chequered Frame centrally onto an A6 sheet of Clarity Card (coated cardstock.) Dry with a heat gun.

2.       Stamp the Wooden Horse centrally inside the stamped frame, again using Potting Soil and allow to dry. Make a mask by stamping the horse onto a post-it note and cut out.
3.       Place mask over dry horse image.

4.       Place post-it sheets onto the frame including the chequered borders.
5.       Place Lattice Stencil over masked image to form squares and brush with Pumice Stone. Remove stencil. Lightly dry with a heat gun. Polish with kitchen roll.
6.       With perimeter masks still in place but having removed the horse mask, brush again with Antique Linen.
7.       Place post-it masks to cover the interior of the frame including the chequered squares.

8.       With Potting Soil, stamp a circle from a corner of the Filigraphy Frame at each corner of the masked frame. Repeatedly stamp the same Filigraphy corner to fill the gaps between the corners. Allow to dry then polish as before.
9.       Using a mini blending tool, sponge Antique Linen around the extreme edges.
10.   Now sponge a little Tea Dye over this to create a graduated colour.
11.   Stamp ‘equus’ from the lower case Alphabet Word Chains using Potting Soil onto the line of lower squares.
12.    Trim left and right hand sides.
13.   Mount onto black card. Colour string randomly with Tea Dye. Allow to dry then tie around opposite corners of mounted card. Adhere to cork sheet.
14.   Mount onto cream card.
I wasn’t quite happy with the finish of the card as it seemed a bit ‘flat’ so I pressed a small area of a scrunched-up baby wipe on each tile – success - instant distressing!!
And here we have . . . . . a horse with no name!

Some more ideas I roughly tried before settling on this one.


  1. This is fablous your art work is always so lovely. Xx

    1. Hi hi Carol and thank you. Just checked into hotel at Tunbridge Wells and recovering from carrying my case down the station stairs and up those at the hotel. Trust the lifts to be out of order! I should be so lucky, lucky etc! LOL ;~}

  2. As always what perfect piece of art work love it x

    1. Thank you, Julie but I had a lot of duds before I got it like this. However I do like the sheen on the Clarity Card when it's buffed up. ;~}

  3. Shelagh this is fab, I love how the pattern in the horse is reflected in the frame. x

  4. Hi Angela and thank you. There were quite a few rejects before I was satisfied, though. I don't often work with Clarity Card and despite the frustrations, I really like the finish it gives. Will be using this much more in the future. ;~}

  5. Love, Love, Love so beautiful!

  6. Hi Tammi and thank you. There were a few spoiled ones before I got it 'right.' ;~}