Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Clarity Challenge 45 November 2016 'Blast from the Past'

Clarity Challenge 45
November 2016
Blast from the Past
'Boys, Boys, Boys!'  June 2015

Hello everyone - here are the photos for my next blog which was originally meant as my mid-month post and designed as a request for a friend's son. Explanation will follow later as there are quite a few measurements to list, particularly for the football pitch. Meantime - watch this space!!!

Back soon!!!

The Football Pitch:-

1. On scrap card/paper draw a rectangle 8 inches by 5 and 1/2 inches. 
2. Measure and mark 1 and 3/8 inches from each corner of a short side.
3. Measure and mark 1 and 3/8 inches vertically and join together to form the penalty box. 
4. Repeat on other short side.

5. Place A5 parchment over the card and trace the drawn lines. 
6. To form the centre circle and penalty arcs, place the Nested Groovi circle in the centre of the parchment and trace the circle FIVE from the centre. Use the same circle to create the penalty arcs.(N.B. I turned the Circles plate wrong side up to prevent puncturing the parchment.)
7. Using this parchment sheet as a template, place it under the Groovi Plate Mate, insert the Nested Squares and emboss the football pitch on A5 sheet of green parchment. Set aside.

For the Football Net:-
1. Secure an A4 sheet of white parchment over the Plate Mate and the Netting plate and emboss to cover an area large enough to cover the football pitch with an extra margin around the edges.
2. Place the Straight Piercing Grid into the Plate Mate. Using the Clarity single needle tool, pierce each corner of each embossed square as shown above. 
3. Using the Twin Needle tool, pierce along each embossed line as shown both above and below. 

4. Cut into each square to create a picot edge on each side of each square. 

To form the card:-
1. Create a tent-shaped card with mountain fold at the front and an aperture in the centre - the aperture being large enough to expose the football pitch. 
2. Attach the net over the football pitch (I used narrow red liner tape) and in turn, attach this to the reverse of the card aperture.
3. Stamp the football repeatedly to make a three borders, single footballs to decorate the top and colour with Polychromos. Cut out and attach to cards. 
4. Stamp and cut out football images and attach to suit. 

As this card was a request from friends for their son, there is a personal message on the reverse. The subject matter was also requested, as were the team colours.

Thank you for looking!!

Remember the Clarity Challenge!


  1. Love this and how you did your netting you do some fabulous work x

    1. Hi Julie, I haven't had a chance to blog this as the intention was for this to be my reminder. It involved a bit of measuring which I will have to work out again. Bear with me and I will get it done. The grid was actually quite easy when It was thought out. Thank you for leaving a comment. ;~}