Clarity Stamps - 'Twas the Night' 11-15

‘Twas the Night' 11-15 – Barbara Gray August 5th 2018
Hello and thank you for visiting. Not much time for a preamble tonight as I have a shed-load of things to do over the next few days - not least a card for a certain gentleman in my life's birthday. Hope you find the instructions useful.
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Most of my card examples this time are created with MEMB in mind (Maximum Effect, Minimum Budget.) To this end I have generally used remnants, off-cuts and card uncovered whilst embarking on my workroom clear up. However, this does not apply to Theuva although I did cut each sheet in half - not tempting me to stamp in the middle! (Found the lovely glitter strands too – a whole set of varying colours and textures – brought from USA in 2008 and hitherto untouched!!!)
Clarity Products:-
·         ‘Twas the Night’ – New additions; Originals 1-5 – STA-CH-10563-A6, ; 6-10 – STA-CH-10564-A6; Frame – STA-CH-10451-A5; Happy Christmas – code unknown; Mice – code unknown. 
·         Clarity Alphabet – Letterbox – STA-WO-10005-A5
·         Nested Rectangles :- Largest, 2nd, 3rd largest – ACC-DI-30631-56
·         Nested Circles:- 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th , 8th largest
·         Chocolate Brown Textured, Dull Gold, Ice Blue Mirror, Holographic Mirror, Ice Blue Glitter (all from stash)
·         Theuva – ACC-CA-30371-A5
·         Designer Card – Rainbow River – ACC-CA-30558-57
·         Designer Paper –          Shenandoah} – ACC-CA-30549-88
·         Designer Parchment – Shenandoah}  

Clarity Card Blanks:-
·         5ins x 5ins – ACC-CA-30613-55
·         7ins x 7ins – ACC-CA-30615-77
·         8ins x 8ins – ACC-CA-30616-88
·         Brick Wall – STE-PA-00010-77

Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black – INK-AR-50030-XX
·         Golden Turmeric} – INK-AT-50225-XX
·         Aqua Fusion} – INK-AT-50227-XX
·         Fall Fiesta}
·         Rich Mocha}
·         Aged Stucco}
·         Wild Bilberry} – INK-AT-50228-XX
·         White Pen – PER-CO-70069-XX
·         White Parchment – PER-PA-70139-XX
·         Pergamano Pens (PCE) – PER-CO-70060-XX
·         Micron pen – ACC-PE-30326-XX
·         Eraser – in pencil form – ACC-PE-30670-XX
·         Colouring Pencils
·         Letters - cut from writing paper
·         Black self-adhesive gems
·         Brads – from stash
·         Clock hands
·         Decoupage Glue
·         Rice Paper
·         Gesso – White
·         Red Liner Tape

Example 1

Time for Santa
·         A bundle of toys
·         Mouse
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
·         Nested Squares, Nested Circles
1.       Fold A4 sheet of textured brown card in half. Trim long side to measure 7ins.
2.       Open card and place short side of largest rectangle die equidistantly along foot of card. Cut to form front feet of clock. Repeat on reverse.
3.       Die-cut largest rectangle and 3rd largest from textured brown card. Cut circle in half and glue to reverse of rectangle to create clock body.
4.       Repeat this using gold card and
1)      2nd largest rectangle and 4th largest circle followed by
2)      3rd largest rectangle and 5th largest circle
              Attach to build up layers.
5.       Cut 6th largest circle from gold card, stamp mice and add gems and hands. Attach to front of clock.
6.       Cut 7th largest rectangle from gold offcuts and stamp verse.
7.       Add detail with micron pen.
8.       Add gold strips to each side and add sentiment. (My letters were cut from writing paper.)

Example 2

·         ‘Twas etc verses 11 – 15
·         ‘Twas Frame
·         ‘Twas ‘Happy Christmas’
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
·         Theuva
·         Ice Blue Mirror and Glitter, Silver Pearlescent – all from stash
·         Brads, Colouring Pencils
1.       Stamp frame five times on Theuva card. Stamp one verse inside each frame. Colour. Trim.
2.       Mount each trimmed verse onto mirror card, followed by glitter card. Set aside.
3.       Cut 4ins strip from long side of silver pearlescent. Score every quarter inch x 5 from 7ins. Burnish.
4.       Attach each verse commencing with last on lowest score.
5.       Layer off-cuts of three colours and attach across edge of card, just visible below final verse.
6.       Layer chosen background and attach ‘waterfall’ to this using brads – one at each side. *NB – The waterfall is only attached by brads as it must move freely.
7.       Attach to base and embellish.

Example 3

Simple Santa!
Thank you, Barbara, for the technique learnt at the Retreat!
·         ‘A bundle of toys’
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
·         5ins x 5ins white card blank cut to 4ins x 4ins
·         Black matte
·         Designer Parchment – Shenandoah
·         Scrap Designer paper,
·         Scrap white parchment
·         Eraser, Colouring Pencils, Pergamano White Pen, Brads
1.       Stamp image onto paler side of designer parchment.
2.       Remove colour from reverse of parchment with eraser.
3.       Infill areas with colouring pencils on reverse.
4.       Layer onto white, red paper with red brads then attach to designer paper, white parchment and black card before adding to card blank.

Example 4

Santa’s Chimney
·         Twas the Night – Large Sleigh, Large Stocking, Large Reindeer, Santa Face, Santa, ‘Happy Christmas’
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
·         Artistry – Fall Fiesta, Rich Mocha
·         Theuva
·         Brick Wall
·         Pergamano Pens
1.       Coat stencil with Archival Black, attach Theuva card – landscape - and run through die-cutting machine. Repeat.
2.       Blend over Fall Fiesta, followed by Rich Mocha then flick some water over. After 30 seconds, dab dry. Remove stencil.
3.       On long side, score at 4, 8, 12 and 16cms – from beginning of brickwork. Leave 1cm edge as a glue point.  
4.       Turn card to ‘portrait’ and score at 4cms. Turn back over brickwork to form the snowy top of the chimney and secure to form chimney shape. (I tried a number of chimney sizes but decided to go with the card size.)
5.       Cut two tabs measuring 6cms x 1.5cms and score at 1 and 5cms. Attach to inside of chimney – wet glue is easier!
6.       Ink up chosen images from set and stamp onto a sheet of Theuva card.
7.       Cut out and colour. (I found that scribbling selected Pergamano pens onto my glass mat and picking up colours with a fine paint brush was the most effective way of colouring these small images.)
8.       Attach images to acetate strips or wire. Using red liner tape, attach to the inside of chimney at varying heights.

 Example 5
Santa Stop!
·         ‘Twas the Night’
·         Letterbox Alphabet
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
Artistry:- Golden Turmeric, Aqua Fusion
·         Nested Circles – 6th, 8th Largest
·         Strong Card
·         Rice Paper
·         Colouring Pencils, Gesso, Decoupage Glue
1.       Cut a strip of strong card measuring 9cms x 21cms. Cut a circle from top using _ largest nested circle. Round the top of strip using _ largest die. ( Place top plate half way down die to avoid cutting a complete circle OR draw around die and trim with scissors.)
2.       Apply white gesso to both sides. Allow to dry. Blend over Golden Turmeric to top, shading into Aqua Fusion.
3.       Meanwhile stamp chosen images onto rice paper. Tear around outline.
4.       Apply decoupage glue to front of door tag, small areas at a time and place rice paper images over. Brush over with more decoupage glue, eliminating all air bubbles.
5.       When dry, add colour. (My preferred medium was colouring pencils.)
6.       Add sentiment.

 Example 6
Snow-globe Santa
·         Twas the Night – Santa’s Snowglobe
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
·         7ins x 7ins card blank
·         Black
·         Holographic Mirror
·         Designer Card – Rainbow River
Colouring Pencils
1.       Stamp image onto designer card remnant. Colour areas to suit.
2.       Layer onto contrasting designer card scrap, black and holographic mirror card.
3.       With fold at left, trim margin from side of card blank. Trim matching sheet from 1) marginally smaller than card blank. Layer onto black card and attach to card blank front.
4.       Add topper from 2.)

Example 7
‘Happy Christmas to all!’
·         ‘Twas the Night’ – ‘But I heard’
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black
·         Artistry:- Aged Stucco, Golden Turmeric
·         8ins x 8ins card blank
·         Theuva
·         Designer card
·         Ice Blue Mirror
·         Ice Blue glitter
·         Red Liner Tape of width 10mm, ice blue/silver glitter strands
1.       Cut Theuva in half. Ink blending spot with Golden Turmeric and firmly dab once on card on chosen spot for moon.
2.       Using torn copy paper landscape, blend over Aged Stucco. Move landscape and blend over again – without re-inking sponge – to create hill in background.
3.        Stamp image towards top, encasing most of yellow spot inside moon outline.
4.       Edge with alcohol marker and layer onto designer card, mirror and glitter card.
5.       Attach to card blank and trim to suit.
6.       Apply red liner tape across foot of card blank and apply glitter strands.

Front garden done - back to tackle beginning tomorrow. Much as I appreciate the rain showers were needed for the garden - the weeds have also taken a hold - again!
See you soon - and thank you. 'Til next time - 
Happy crafting,