Saturday, 3 August 2019

Clarity Stamps - Cherry Green's Boots and Shoes Stamps

Cherry Green

Boots and Shoes Stamps

Found it so difficult to choose one hence the reason there is one of each. Top example is coloured using alcohol markers - Sharpies to be precise - as I thought I'd give them an outing and the second using Polychromos - one vibrant the other muted.

Clarity Products:-

Cherry Green Stamps  
  • Ivy Boots and Baubles
  • Stiletto Shoe and Baubles, Stiletto Mask
Fresh Cut Dies
  • Luggage Tags

Love the stilettos and admit to owning a similar pair once upon a time, although the embroidered peacock feathers adorn my Rocket Busters (cowboy boots.) As for the Ivy Boots, cannot own up to a pair of these, however there is a similar pair - in style only - in a box in the loft.

On to the next one.

Happy stamping!

Best wishes,


'The Making Lady' 

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