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Clarity Stamps - Animal Stencils and Garden Birds - Maria Moorhouse 14th November 2018

Clarity Stamps – Animal Montage Stencils, Garden Birds Stamps.

Hello and thank you very much indeed for looking in. 
My return to areas I have explored before is quite evident apart from the card - Example 3 - which was an experiment and I rather liked the textured finish that resulted. Have a look and see what you think!

·         Stencils – Animal Montage
·         Relief Paste – ACC-PA-30522-XX
·         Archival Black – INK-AR-50030-XX
·         Radiance Blackout – INK-AT-50279-XX
·         Artistry Inks – Golden Turmeric set – INK-AT-50225-XX, Lime Kiss set – INK-AT-50227-XX
·         Theuva Card – ACC-CA30371-A5
·         Watercolour Card
·         Canvas – ACC-CB 30123-08, ACC-CB-30128-A4
·         Detail Clear Embossing Powder – ACC-EM-30464-XX
·         Inka Gold – ACC-PA-30480-XX
·         Black Paint
·         Bronze Paint

 Example 1

·         Stencil
·         Relief Paste
·         Bronze Paint
·         Black Paint
·         Canvas - 8ins x 8ins
·         Inka Gold
1.       Tape chosen stencil onto canvas. Spread Relief Paste over and allow to dry.
2.       Run masking tape around edges of canvas to create a mask for a border.
3.       Paint remaining canvas with bronze paint. Allow to dry the add touches of black paint. Allow to dry.
4.       Lightly dab over Inka Gold.
5.       Remove masking tape and apply Inka Gold lightly over remaining white canvas.

 Example 2

Squirrel Shroom!
·         Stencil
·         Relief Paste
·         Black Paint
·         Inka Gold
·         Watercolour Paper
1.       Tape stencil to paper and apply Relief Paste. Allow to dry.
2.       Paint over with black paint.
3.       Apply Inka Gold.
4.       Layer onto card.

 Example 3

Deer Montage
·         Stencil
·         Silver Mirror Card
·         Radiance Ink Pad
·         Clear Detail Embossing Powder
1.       Apply Radiance Ink over stencil and place mirror card over. Run through die cutting machine to emboss.
2.       Dab excess ink off.
3.       Pour over detail embossing powder and heat set.
4.       Layer onto black and white card.

 Example 4

Mini Book
·         Garden Birds Stamps
·         Birdhouse Set
·         Theuva Card
·         Artistry Inks – Golden Turmeric set, Lime Kiss set
·         Archival Black Ink
·         Gel Press
·         Brayer
1.       Cut card to create strip measuring 6cm x 45cm. Score along long side at 5cm intervals.
2.       Cut Theuva to measure 5.5cm x 4.5cm – 16 cards (one for each panel on both sides.)
3.       Stamp a series of scenes using listed stamps and Black Archival onto the 16 cards.
4.       Ink gel press with inks, in  varying intensities of colour – Lime Kiss, Hay Stack, Morning Dew, Aqua Fusion, Ocean Reef – a yellow at the top and blue on lower half.
5.       Brayer over once horizontally. Press each card into ink.
6.       Re-ink as required.
7.       Add colour detail pencils.

. . . . . and here is an extra example, created in the same mode as Example 3. Loved the mottled but unadulterated effect the ink on mirror card followed by heat-set embossing powder gave and kept this one to look at!

Happy crafting!

Kind regards,


'The Making Lady'

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