Thursday, 1 June 2017

Clarity Challenge June 2017

Clarity Challenge
June 2017
‘Jitterbug Boogie’

·         Stencils:- Elegant Ladies 4, Jive Dancers
·         Cardstock:- Clarity Stencil card - 2 x 7ins x 7ins;  I x silver mirri; 1 x black
·         Canvas:- 1 x 8ins x 8ins
·         Colour:- watercolour pigment; Fresco Paint – Little Black Dress
·         Texture Paste:- Transparent
·         Miscellaneous:- Silver glitter

1.       Cut one sheet of stencil card to measure 6ins x 6ins.
2.       Puff a selection of bright pigment colour powder over the card. Spritz with a fine water spray, dry with a heat gun then spray with a more heavy duty spray. (My second spray bottle was a recycled (but cleaned) eco-friendly shower spray and much more powerful.) Dry.
3.        Tape the Elegant Ladies stencil over and sponge through Little Black Dress paint. Clean stencil. Repeat a few times to suit. Dry.
4.       Tape the Jive Dancers stencil over and apply translucent paste.
5.       Remove stencil and rinse the remaining paste away.
6.       Immediately cover paste with a deep coating of dark silver glitter. Allow to firm for only a minutes then pat down gently with fingertips to ensure all areas are covered. Pour off excess.

7.       Leave to dry then mount onto  silver, black, white card then finally onto a canvas which has been edged with silver gilding paste. 

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