Saturday, 3 June 2017

Tea for 2!

Groovi ‘Tea for 2’

June 2nd 2017

·         Groovi Plates:- New Design Groovi Club 16 (Dancing Girl inside Cloche), Nested Squares, Nested Squares Extension and Small Alphabet, Willowy Wreath, Tina’s Flower Plate
·         Clarity Parchment:- 1 x A4 White
·         Clarity Papers:- New England Fall – Brown Salt Speckle
·         Card:- Black, White, Dull Bronze
·         Colours:- Faber Castel Albrecht Durer Water Colour Pencils used with an almost dry brush


For the frame

1.       Emboss Willowy Wreath centrally on A4 parchment.
2.       Add outline from Nested Square. Emboss cup as per photo sequence below. 

Tea Cup
1.       Emboss as in photos using NDGC 16
*The bold white lines are the actual embossed lines.

Photo A 
Photo B
Photo C
Photo D
Photo E

Photo F
Photo G
Photo H
Photo I
Photo J
Photo K

  • Use different areas of NDGC 16 to decorate cup and saucer. 
  • Using Nested Squares create a  chequered tablecloth.
  • Add an inner square from the Nested Squares to accommodate the Tea for " font from Nested Squares Small Alphabet plate.
  • Add 'Tea for 2.'
  • Colour to suit. (I used Faber Castel Albrecht Durer Watercolour pencils and an almost dry paint brush.)
  • Pierce with a twin needle tool and picot cut both inner and outer. (This was the initial thought behind this card as my picot cutting is still somewhat erratic.)
  • Make a second cup and saucer and picot cut. Colour as before. 
  •  Mount cup and saucer frame onto 'Salt Crackle' paper from New England Fall pad. Further mount onto black, white, black, dull bronze card, in that order.
  • Attach separate cup and saucer. 
  • Emboss, colour and cut out two flower sprays from Tina's flower plate. Add brads to connect flowers then attach to sides of card.
. . . . And here we have my 'Tea for 2.'

Here's hoping the photos are clear instructions and help, as trying to put these into words started to run into pages!!! 

Keep on grooviing!

Shelagh ;~}

P.S. May was a hard month for my family and whilst I have been able to detail and scribe the above as it was only replicating something made on 28 April, Groovi inspiration is proving most elusive at the moment. I hope to see you all soon. 

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