Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Groovi Favour Box by Shelagh Metselaar

Groovi Favour Box
Shelagh Metselaar

As promised - my latest discovery! Enjoy yours!

·         Groovi Plates:- Nested Squares GRO-PA-40037-03, NDGC16 GRO-MU-40577-01, Border Henna GRO-PA-40187-09, Jayne’s Roses x2  GRO-FL-40395-03, GRO-FL-40396-03
·         White Parchment – A4
·         Pergamano Markers – light green, medium green; Faber Castel Polychromos - lilac, purple;  Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Water Colour Pencils – lilac, purple

1.       Emboss dome as shown.

2.       Emboss horizontal and right hand vertical lines using square 5 from centre of Nested Squares.
3.       Move parchment fractionally along to right to ensure correct length of bottom line and also to add the left hand vertical line.

4.       Align the dome to the completed corner of square and emboss; repeat on third side.           NB – Don’t do what I did and embossed the dome from the incomplete side!!!! Photo tells all.
5.       Extend the lines to complete; join to form final side of square and emboss final dome.
6.       Emboss scallops inside perimeter of square and also inside dome, moving the border plate to suit base lines. Leave a short gap where each dome and square meet to assist folding. NB I found the scallops are not all the same size and to this end marked, on the reverse side of the plate with a Sharpie dot, the one I used (for uniformity.)

7.       Decorate and colour inside of domes and base to suit. (Leaves coloured with green Pergamano markets; flowers first with water colour pencils and barely damp brush then depth of colour added with Polychromos. Pierce with a bold  double needle then pierce each single hole again prior to cutting to form a picot edge.

To complete, punch a hole using a Cropodile, one in each top tab. Thread ribbon through two opposite holes, followed by the other two. Tie a small bow and top with flowers made from Tina’s flower plate. 
Happy crafting!

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