Clarity Stamps Barbara Gray on Hochanda 4 Feb 2018

Clarity Stamps

Barbara Gray on Hochanda Sunday 4th February 2018

Art Nouveau Collection

Hello and welcome! Finally I have managed to blog details of my projects for Barbara's show on Hochanda on February 4th. Although there are no step by step photos, I hope the explanations provide all the information you require. All of these are comparatively quick to achieve, once the paint or gesso has dried on those that feature black canvasses. Off to have my supper before I blog other examples using Clarity products. (Oh and there is a quick Valentine card to see to!)
Best wishes,
Shelagh  ;~}

1. Copper Tulips

Stamps:- Art Nouveau Tulips, Art Nouveau Words Sets – ‘Tulips’
Ink Pads:- Archival Black
Misc:- Copper coloured self-adhesive sheet (from stash), copper coloured brads, card and card blank, copper Sharpie (metallic)
1.       Stamp Tulips stamp onto copper self-adhesive sheet. Allow to dry.
2.       Emboss over lines with a no 2 Groovi stylus. (*NB - a not too sharp pencil or dry ballpoint pen would also suffice.*)
3.       Trim to suit.
4.       Mount onto black, white, black edged with copper Sharpie and card blank.
5.       Add finishing touch with brads.

2. Key Ring

·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau Snowdrops and Tulips
·         Ink Pads:- Black Archival
·         Clarity Designer Paper, scrap black paper
·         Colours:- Polychromos
·         Key Ring blank (I bought a pack of three in Holland)
1.       Stamp Snowdrops and Tulips on chosen Clarity Designer Paper and highlight areas with coloured pencils.
2.       Draw around the inner heart ‘back’ to fil the aperture, selecting the areas to encapsulate. Repeat with a scrap of black paper. Cut all out.
3.       Sandwich the black heart between the pair of stamped hearts and place inside key ring.
4.       Replace key ring back to secure.

3. Copper Roses

·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau ‘Bed of Roses,’ Art Nouveau Words Set
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Card/Paper:- Copper effect self-adhesive card, white and black card scrap
·         Mini canvas and Clarity 4ins x 4ins canvas, painted with black gesso or black acrylic paint
·         Clarity double-sided sticky sheet
1.       Stamp ‘Bed of Roses’ onto copper and allow to dry.
2.       Stamp chosen words below stamped image and also onto a scrap of copper.
3.       Emboss over lines using a Groovi No2 stylus. (a slightly blunt pencil or a dry ballpoint pen would also work here.)
4.       Trim, layer onto black and white card then attach to small canvas.
5.       Attach to 4ins x 4ins canvas with a piece of Clarity double-sided sticky.
6.       Layer sentiment onto black and white card scrap and attach below image.

4. Golden Snowdrops

·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau Snowdrops
·         Ink Pads:- Versamark
·         Embossing Powder:- Gold detail
·         Card:- Black, gold sparkle, white sparkle
·         Colours:- Mica powders
·         Canvas:- Clarity – 1 x A5 (painted with black gesso or black acrylic paint,) 1 x A3
·         Clarity Double-sided sticky sheet
·         Misc:- Gold spider web fabric (I cut mine from a swag I had used to decorate the bannister at Christmas.)
1.       Stamp Snowdrops onto black card, add embossing powder and heat set. (*NB Remember to dust the card with talc or and anti-static bag first.*)
2.       Colour areas with mica powders using a damp paintbrush.
3.       Trim and layer onto gold sparkle card, black card then white sparkle card. Set aside.
4.       Cover black canvas with spider web fabric and secure on reverse with double sided tape.
5.       Secure ‘Snowdrops’ onto black and gold canvas with a portion of double-sided sticky sheet.
6.       Repeat 5.) to attach the black and gold canvas to the A3 canvas.

5. Darling Tulips

·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau Tulips, Art Nouveau Words Set, Art Nouveau Floral Spacer Set
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Card Papers:- White, black, gold glitter
·         Colours:- Polychromos

1.       Stamp Tulips onto white card.
2.       Trim to suit.
3.       Colour with Polychromos.
4.       Layer onto black, gold glitter, black, white, black and finally onto a card blank.
5.       Stamp chosen sentiment onto card and add corners from Art Nouveau Spacer set.

6. Rennie Rose Canvas

·         Clarity Rose Stencil
·         Card/Paper:- Silver-effect self-adhesive card, pink mirri, black, pink glitter
·         Clarity Canvas
·         Colours:- Pink, green alcohol markers
·         Clarity double-sided sticky sheet
·         Misc:- Die-cutting machine, black Archival ink pad
1.       Attach chosen stencil to silver side of self-adhesive card and run through die-cutting machine to emboss. (*NB It may be necessary to add sheets of copy paper as a shim in order to create a clean embossed image.)
2.       Wipe black Archival pad over embossed image then IMMEDIATELY, wipe over with baby wipe. Follow this by polishing with kitchen roll.
3.       Colour areas with pink and green alcohol markers. (*NB I coloured each section entirely then ‘stippled’ to create the ‘Tudric’ effect.*)
4.       Layer onto coloured mirri and glitter card then mount onto canvas using Clarity double-sided sticky.

7. Rennie Rose Card

·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau ‘Thank You’ set, Art Nouveau Sentiments set
·         Stencil:- Art Nouveau ‘Flowers’
·         Ink Pads:- Versafine Onyx Black, Artistry Rosy Cheeks
·         Clear detail Embossing Powder
·         Card/Paper:- Clarity Indian Sumer Designer Parchment, white, black, card blank
·         Colours:- Polychromos, Wink of Stella clear
1.       Stamp onto chosen Designer Parchment, add clear detail embossing powder and heat set.
2.       Trim and colour, adding Wink of Stella clear over.
3.       Layer onto white then black and set aside.
4.       Mask off one of the flower heads on the stencil and blend Rosy Cheeks through this aperture. Repeat to create background.
5.       Layer up to create card.
6.       Stamp chosen sentiment, layer and add to suit.

8. Golden Roses Canvas

·         Stencil:- Art Nouveau ‘Roses’
·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau Sentiments set
·         Ink Pads:- Versamark
·         Embossing Powder:- Gold Detail
·         Canvas:- Clarity – 1 x A5 painted with black gesso or black acrylic paint, 1 x A4
·         Card:- Gold glitter, black card
1.       Tape stencil to black canvas.
2.       Sweep over Versamark.
3.       Carefully remove stencil and apply embossing powder. (NB Remove any stray specks with a piercing tool then heat set.
4.       Stamp chosen sentiment with Versamark, add embossing powder and heat set.
5.       Mount onto A4 canvas and layer onto gold glitter and black card.

9. Rennie Mixture 

·         Stamps:- Art Nouveau Floral Collection
·         Ink Pads:- Archival Black
·         Colours:- Polychromos
·         Card/Papers:- Theuva, black, card blank
·         Self-adhesive gems
1.       Cut a sheet of Theuva card in half.
2.       Mask central area of card with sticky notes, leaving a white rectangle – at an angle or straight – your choice. (*NBI found that the original sticky notes could stand up to at least over-stampings whereas supermarket own brands had to be discarded after each inking, otherwise the ink bleeds through. My first attempt was almost completed when this happened to me.*)
3.        Stamp selected area of stamp in the created aperture.
4.       Mask another area and repeat. (*NB Use the lines on the stamps as guides.*)
5.       Repeat with the stamp selection until card is full.
6.       Colour.
7.       Edge with black Sharpie.
8.       Layer onto white and black and finally onto card blank.

Stamps, stencils, papers, parchment and various other components are all from Clarity Stamps and may be found on the Clarity Stamps website. Some exceptions are coloured card stock from my stash, tiny canvas and key ring (both bought in Holland,) colouring pencils and the spiderweb material. 
Please visit again soon. I wont be as long at blogging as I will now factor in time to write up each example on completion. 
Many thanks again,
Shelagh ;~}


  1. Gosh you were busy with samples. They are all wonderful and than-you for the details. I also have a Valentine card to do probably with the help of Julie's dog who we are looking after for a fortnight.xx

    1. Thank you, Lynne. I loved working with these stamps. Visiting two Mackintosh exhibitions in Glasgow a couple of weeks before the show was a bonus. ;~}

  2. Thanks Shelagh. These are great samples and I hadn’t realised how many were canvases. Just fabulous. x

    1. Thank you, Angela. When working on one canvas, the other ideas kept popping up.- it was almost difficult to stop. ;~}

  3. All beautiful, especially like the Golden Snowdrops x

    1. Thank you, Lesley. How are you?
      The texture of the material was just crying out to have some use other than a Christmas swag. ;~}

    2. I should have added that a Mackintosh mural - I think for Miss Cranston’s tearoom in Sauchiehall St, Glasgow - was made on hessian with plaster as texture and this was the inspiration for the snowdrops.


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