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Clarity Stamps - Autumn Three Way Stamps

Autumn Three Way Overlay – Clarity Stamps – Barbara Gray – 28th October - Hochanda

Hello and thank you for visiting. Here are my explanations and instructions for my example featured on Barbara's show on Hochanda on 28th October - seems light years away now! I was particularly pleased with the background for the last exhibit as it was formed using a couple of highlighter pens. Amazing what you can do when you are bored!

·         Autumn Three Way Overlays
·         Art Nouveau Sentiments – STA-WO-10582-A5
·         Nested Rectangles – ACC-DI-30631-56
·         Nested Circles – ACC-DI-30667-66
·         Nested Squares – ACC-DI-30603-66
Ink Pads:-
·         Archival Black – INK-AR-50030-XX
·         Archival – Potting Shed
·         Artistry – Lime Kiss-INK-AT-50227-XX; Hay Stack-INK-AT-50226-XX
·         Versamark – INK-VE-50221-XX
Embossing Powder:-
·         Detail Clear - ACC-EM-30464-XX
·         Gold Detail – ACC-EM-30465-XX
·         Theuva – ACC-CA-30371-77
·         Stencil – ACC-CA-30095-77
·         Matte Black – ACC-CA-30379-A4
·         Kraft – ACC-CA-30085-A4
·         Designer Paper – New England Fall – ACC-CA-30441-88; Shenandoah – ACC-CA-30541-88; Northern Lights – ACC-CA-30443-88
·         Card Blanks – ACC-CA-30647-XX

Example 1
·         Autumn Three Way Overlay Stamps
·         Archival Potting Shed
·         Artistry Inks – Hay Stack set – Martini Olive, Apricot Nectar, Haystack
·         New England Fall Designer Paper
·         Kraft Card
·         Matte Black Card
·         Card Blank
1.       Layer matte black card and kraft card onto white 6 x 6 card blank.
2.       Using dies or trimmer, cut four squares of black card and arrange in square formation onto card front.
3.       Cut four circles each from two New England Fall papers.
4.       Select one of the designs and attach each circle to centre of each black square.
5.       Stamp ‘Acorn 1’ stamp centrally onto four circles of the same design using Potting Shed ink.
6.       Overlay ‘Acorn 2’ stamp firstly with Apricot Nectar and then with Martini Olive.
7.       Stamp ‘Acorn 3’ with Hay Stack then Cranberry Crush.
8.       Fold along each stamped border and attach onto circles.

 Example 2

·         Three way Overlay - Tree
·         Archival Black Ink
·         Versamark
·         Detail Clear Embossing Powder
·         Designer Paper – Shenandoah
·         Theuva Card
·         Matte Black Card
·         Nested Rectangles
·         Black 7 x 7 card blank, trimmed
1.       Select area of Shenandoah paper and stamp ‘Tree 2’ image using Archival Black. Stamp ‘reflection’ using second generation ink.
2.       Ink same stamp with Versamark and over-stamp both images.
3.       Add clear embossing powder and heat set.
4.       Trim Shenandoah paper using Nested Squares, attach to Theuva card and trim. Attach onto trimmed 7 x 7 card blank.
5.       Cut a deep white frame from Theuva card using Nested Rectangles and attach over stamped images.
6.       Cut frame from matte black card and attach over white frame.

Example 3

·         Three Way Overlays – Pine Cone
·         Archival Potting Shed
·         Versamark
·         Detail Clear Embossing Powder
·         Gold Detail Embossing Powder
·         Northern Lights Paper (off-cuts)
·         Theuva
·         Black 6 x 6 card blank
1.       Ink ‘Pine Cone 2’ with Potting Shed and repeatedly stamp along three Northern Lights offcuts, each trimmed to same width and length.
2.       Edge each strip with a black alcohol marker.
3.       Attach to Theuva card and trim. Add to card blank.
4.       Stamp ‘Pine Cone 1’ twice onto offcuts with Potting Shed and trim along borders.
5.        Stamp ‘Pine Cone 3’ onto images using Versamark, add detail clear embossing powder and heat set.
6.       Edge all four sides of each image with Versamark, add Gold Detail and heat set.
7.       Glue onto card to suit.

 Example 4

·         Three Way Overlays – Teasel
·         Art Nouveau Sentiments
·         Artistry – Hay Stack set – Hay Stack, Apricot Nectar, Cranberry Crush, Midnight Blue; Lime Kiss set – Fancy Fuchsia, Lime Kiss, Morning Dew
·         Archival – Cobalt
·         Theuva
·         Card Blank
1.       Mask Theuva to create a central rectangle.
2.       Blend/brush Lime Kiss over entire rectangle, followed by Apricot Nectar ¾ from top, Cranberry Crush ½ way and Fancy Fuchsia ¼.
3.       Blend Hay Stack over all to blend.
4.       Leaving masking tape in place, stamp ‘Teasel 2’ twice at bottom corner using second generation Cobalt.
5.       Remove masking tape and stamp Teasel 2 using 1st generation cobalt. Stam sentiment.
6.       Over-stamp with Versamark, add clear detail and heat set.
7.       Mask images and rectangle water down Midnight Blue and Morning Dew and flick over uncovered areas using paintbrush.
8.       Trim, edge and add to card blank.

 Example 5

·         Three Way Overlays – Tree
·         Archival Potting Shed
·         Artistry  - Lime Kiss set – Roasted Chestnut; Hay Stack set – Cranberry Crush, Rusticana
·         5 x 5 Card blank
·         Kraft Card
·         Stencil Card
·         Brown fine liner
·         Pink and Yellow Highlighter pens
1.       Cut 3 x 3 square from stencil card. Colour over firstly with pink highlighter followed by yellow. Allow to dry.
2.       Stamp ‘Tree 1’ centrally using Potting Shed.
3.       Overstamp with ‘Tree 2’ using Roasted Chestnut for trunk and Cranberry Crush along with Rusticana for outer.
4.       Edge the stamped image with brown fine liner.
5.       Add Roasted Chestnut around edges.
6.       Mat onto kraft and stencil card.
7.       Cut stencil card to measure 7cm x 7cm. Stamp around perimeter using areas of Tree 2 with Rusticana and Cranberry Crush inks.
8.       Mat onto kraft card then onto card blank.

Should you require any further details or explanations, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Another post coming soon.
Thank you.
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