Monday, 14 January 2019

Clarity Stamps - A few favourites.

Clarity Stamps 
Favourites from last week's two hour show and One Day Special with an explanation as to my choice.

A favourite because it worked! Craft Metal - something I brought from Houston, Texas in 2008.
·         Garden Heart
·         1 x 8” x 8”
·         Black Matte
·         Holographic Mirror
·         Craft Metal
·         Double Sided Sticky tape
·         Silver Foil
·         Groovi No 2 Ball Tool/Pergamano No 1 or 1.5
1.       Cut heart die into centre of craft metal sheet.
2.       Place cut sheet metal, right side up, onto soft side of Groovi mat and emboss dots around heart outline using Groovi No2 ball tool or Pergamano No 1 or 1.5.
3.       Draw a freehand outline around reverse of heart using same ball tool.
4.       Emboss a second row of dots on right side, followed by another outline on reverse.
5.       Cut around second line.
6.       Place strips of double sided tape around edge of black matte card square, mitring corners. Apply foil over and burnish to create silver border.
7.       Mat onto holographic silver card and attach to canvas.

Favoured for its off-set heart!
·         Garden Heart
·         Nested Picot Circles
·         Card Blank – 1 x 6” x 6”
·         Matte Blue Mirror
·         Glitter Ice Blue
·         Ice Blue Mirror
1.       Cur Filigree Heart twice each from ice blue glitter card and ice blue mirror card. Retain one image and trim the second to isolate the birds on a branch.
2.       Cut two frames – one wider than the other – one from ice blue mirror card, the other from ice blue glitter card.
3.       Attach frames onto square of matte blue mirror card, measuring 5” x 5” which has been layered onto ice blue glitter card.
4.       Place and attach heart and birds to suit over frames.
5.       Add to card blank. 

Love the colour scheme and also opportunity to isolate smaller die areas to create a pattern reminiscent of Barbara's original corner stamps. 
·         On Your Special Day Floral Frame and Sentiment
·         Nested Squares
·         A4 Pearlescent Card (one sheet cut to measure 11 ½ x 27cm; scored at 3, 6, 13, 20 cm and formed into easel card blank.)
·         Grey, Pink Textured card
1.       Cut floral frame from pink textured card and trim using Nested Square.
2.       Repeat using white pearlescent.
3.       Cut square of grey textured card using Nested Squares die, attach pink/white floral frame over.
4.       Layer pink and grey card to decorate front of easel.
5.       Add small corners to embellish.
6.       Cut two pink and one grey sentiment and attach to centre. 

Colours - remind me so much of childhood holidays, weekends and any other time in between at our summer house/cabin in an Angus glen in a time when, from an early age, we were allowed to 'tramp the hills' unaccompanied. ;~}
·         Love and Best Wishes Floral Dies
·         Nested Squares
·         Rainbow River Designer Card
·         1 x 6” x 6” card blank
·         Pearlescent Card
·         Metallic Markers
1.       Cut frame from pearlescent card. Cut out using Nested Square.
2.       Attach over square of Rainbow River paper and add to card blank.
3.       Cut three more floral frames and snip out corners.
4.       Colour with metallic markers.
5.       Add over frame.
6.       Cut sentiment; trim to leave ‘Best Wishes.’ Add to card centre.

Happy crafting,
Best Wishes,
'The Making Lady'


  1. My favourite is the last one but they are all wonderful. You have some brilliant ideas Shelagh. xx